Today 02.09.2014

Temp max. 10°C
Temp min. 5°C
Sunshine max. 2 h
0° Level 2500 m

Tuesday 02.09.2014

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 4°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 2600 m

Wednesday 03.09.2014

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 5°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 3700 m

Thursday 04.09.2014

Temp max. 20°C
Temp min. 6°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 3600 m

Friday 05.09.2014

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 8°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 3500 m

Lifts in Operation

Winter Ski Area 5 of/ 23
Glacier Ski Area 2 of/ 10
Total 7 of/ 33

4-day Forecast

While a high-altitude low-pressure-system will move away to South Italy, the next one will soon approach our regions from Germany. The influence of this low-pressure will remain rather small, consequently dispersed clouds and sunny spells are occasionally forecast for Tuesday. The temperatures, however, will remain too low. On Wednesday, the high-altitude wind will increasingly move south-eastward, whereby the clouds will begin to disperse and the temperatures will increase in the course of the day. An easterly to south-easterly current will determine the weather throughout the upcoming days. Unfortunately, a high-pressure area, located over the Baltic countries and the British Isles, will just slightly interfere with the weather over our regions, as it is too far away from our regions. Still, there will be good chances for longer sunny spells.