Today 21.08.2014

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 6°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 2900 m

Friday 22.08.2014

Temp max. 16°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 3300 m

Saturday 23.08.2014

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 8°C
Sunshine max. 2 h
0° Level 3000 m

Sunday 24.08.2014

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 2600 m

Monday 25.08.2014

Temp max. 19°C
Temp min. 3°C
Sunshine max. 1 h
0° Level 2800 m

Lifts in Operation

Winter Ski Area 5 of/ 23
Glacier Ski Area 2 of/ 10
Total 7 of/ 33

4-day Forecast

A low-pressure area over North Europe, which is unusually strong for this season, will continue to determine the weather. The improved conditions, forecast for the beginning of next week, will probably not approach. It seems most likely, that the current weather conditions will continue on far into next week. A rather friendly mix of sunshine and clouds will result in rather convenient weather throughout the upcoming days. Tomorrow Friday, the risk for showers will be rather low. On Saturday, rather wet conditions are repeatedly forecast. On Sunday, the weather will stabilize throughout the course of the day. Larger amounts of heavy clouds are probably expected on Monday. On Tuesday, a strong influence of unsettled conditions will determine the weather.