Today 18.04.2014

Temp max. 9°C
Temp min. -5°C
Sunshine max. 8 h
0° Level 2000 m

Friday 18.04.2014

Temp max. 7°C
Temp min. -1°C
Sunshine max. 1 h
0° Level 1900 m

Saturday 19.04.2014

Temp max. 7°C
Temp min. 0°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 2100 m

Sunday 20.04.2014

Temp max. 10°C
Temp min. -1°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 2500 m

Monday 21.04.2014

Temp max. 10°C
Temp min. 2°C
Sunshine max. 2 h
0° Level 2500 m

Lifts in Operation

Winter Ski Area 20 of/ 23
Glacier Ski Area 7 of/ 10
Total 27 of/ 33

4-day Forecast

The current settled and bright weather conditions will soon depart. Just Friday morning will bring longer sunny spells. Clouds will soon approach, which will bring us new precipitation on Friday night. At the same time, a high low-pressure area will develop in the west of our regions, which will continue to determine the weather throughout the upcoming days. Very changeable, partly unsettled weather is forecast beyond the Easter weekend. Longer periods of dry, partly sunny conditions are temporarily forecast, however, a longer period of settled conditions is not expected.