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24.September-01.October 7 Events in Sölden

  • Breakfast



    Breakfast in a wonderful atmosphere with delicious farm products. Costs: € 15,00 per person. We ask for pre-registration! Daily from Tuesday until Sunday!...

  • exhibition


    exhibition "High above!"

    High above! Trails and mountain huts in the Ötztal valley. Special exhibition in cooperation with the german, austrian and south-tyrolian alpin association. Open: Monday until Friday!...

  • Bike Taster Day


    Bike Taster Day

    Bike technique training units for beginners - "first step": Learn how to improve basic biking techniques (turns, braking, uphill and downhill biking, bunny hop,...) and test your newly learned skills on one of the suitable tracks of the Sölden Bike Park - a basic instruction for safe riding and biking fun before you hit the unsurfaced trails!

  • Sölden 4 season multimediashow


    Sölden 4 season multimediashow

    Interesting facts about nature, culture, history, excursions, nature park hike, the local wild- and plant life and planning a perfect vacation day with the help of the Ötztal Card....

  • Ötztal Nature Park - Sölden´s Natural Variety


    Ötztal Nature Park - Sölden´s Natural Variety

    This splendid Panoramic Trail gives an insight into everyday life and work in Sölden, Austria's largest village in terms of surface area. Featuring almost 2 million bednights per year, this place ranks among the country's most popular...

  • Ötztal Nature Park - Sölden´s Silent Site


    Ötztal Nature Park - Sölden´s Silent Site

    From Fiegl's Gasthaus the trail leads straight through the scenic Windachtal Nature Forest Preserve with larch and stone pine trees older than 300 years. A perfect place to observe the forest's eco-system without any influences by men....

  • Ötztal Nature Park - Wonderful Vista POINTS


    Ötztal Nature Park - Wonderful Vista POINTS

    Today you can look forward to a truly fabulous hike comprising a huge number of very special "vista points". This magnificent loop walking tour offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the Alpine scenery: be it the mighty Stubai Alps and...