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Die neue Gaislachkoglbahn


1.363 - 3.040 m

The two new Gaislachkogl mountain gondolas in Sölden are a perfect blend of fascinating architecture and innovative technology. The architectural office run by Johann Obermoser / Innsbruck has redesigned the new terminals by accentuating their esthetic power.

Gaislachkoglbahn Sölden Landscape Winter


From the base station in futurist look at 1363 m above sea level, you reach the semicircular, transparent middle station at 2174 m in a comfortable eight-seater gondola within only 6.7 minutes. Here you change to the 3S triple rope gondola which accommodates 28 persons per cabin, and in 5.5 minutes you enter already the top station at 3040 m. A ride with the panoramic triple rope gondola always makes a very special experience. 3S stands for triple rope technology featuring two track ropes and one haul rope. There are only three lift towers for the entire mountain gondola, featuring a maximum distance of 1200 meters.


The designs of the three lift stations are real eye-catchers. A slim steel construction with a longish building shell. The outer construction is covered with a transparent and tear-resistant plastic foil in a really futurist design, presenting a contrast to the already existing administration building. 


Winter sports fans will also be enchanted by the ultimate technological facts and figures:
Hourly transport capacities reach some 3600 persons on the first section and 1400 persons on the second section. Therefore lift lines are a thing of the past.

The entire construction focuses on easily and comfortably accessible terminals. At the base terminal giant escalators and an elevator take skiers up to the access area while at the middle station a slightly descending ramp has been built for all those who start their skiing experience here. Sportsmen who continue to the second gondola section remain on the same level without climbing stairs.

One thing is already for sure since the new Gaislachkogl gondola made its inaugural ride: it has a great chance of becoming Sölden's new landmark.

Gaislachkoglbahn Middle Station Sölden Landscape

Facts & Figures

Fact Box

  1.Section 2. Section
Type 1-rope system 3-rope system
Altitude start 1.363 m 2.176 m
Altitude end 2.175 m 3.040 m
Difference in altitude 811 m 864 m
Length 2.040 m 1.978 m
Riding time 6,7 min. 5,5 min.
Speed 6 m/s 6 m/s
Persons/h 3.600 P. / h 1.850 P. / h 
Cabon capacity 8 Personen 28 Personen
Lift towers 13 3
Gondola cabins 107 15
Winter Sölden Gaislachkogl Landscape Panorama