Bond Shooting in Sölden


Sölden, the Top Ski Destination in Tirol‘s Ötztal, combines sports, action and enjoyment at the highest level plus snow reliability from October through May. Due to this unrivaled variety also James Bond himself felt stirred and shaken in the „Spectre“ blockbuster, in cinemas from 26 October 2015, after shooting the movie‘s coolest action scenes in Sölden.

Bond and the Mountains, an almost traditional alliance con- tinued in Sölden. The world famous winter destination has a lot to offer: BIG3 – three ski mountains higher than 3000 meters – plus 145 slope kilometers, yearly held Ski

World Cup Opening, Adrenalin Cup, culinary peak pleasures at the ice Q gourmet restaurant, unique après-ski fun, top concerts and event highlights scheduled all winter. Even Daniel Craig as Agent 007 can‘t resist: Sölden is absolutely sexy.There is nothing left to be added. Reason enough for producer Sam Mendes to choose the Hot Spot in the Alps as one of the top film locations and „fantastic places“ for the brand-new „Spectre“ James Bond adventure (movie premiere in London on 26 October 2015).


Around the turn of the year 2014/15, all 007 stars and a 500-peo- ple film crew stayed in Sölden.The super-handy Agent 007 was keen to shoot the most thrilling action scenes and the wildest chases on the ultra-modern mountain gondola, on Sölden‘s ski slopes and the panoramic Glacier Road with Europe‘s highest road tunnel. Daniel Craig‘s allies and enemies – movie stars like Ben Whishaw, Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista – met right amid Tirol‘s picture-book winter landscapes. Producer Barbara Broc- coli was enthusiastic about the „5-star infrastructures from the valley floor up to 3000 meters“, so important for her team and the film shooting itself.


The ice Q peak restaurant and Agent 007 filming spot on Gaislachkogl might be quite as legendary as James Bond himself. The gourmet restaurant opened in 2013, ranks among the most spectacular Alpine buildings due to its location at 3048 meters above sea level. Characterized by its purist architecture, the 900 m² glass facades are glittering in the bright sunshine, overlook- ing the breathtaking scenery of the Ötztal Alps. „It‘s almost surrealistic, it resembles a painting,“ stated actor Dave Bautista when he first arrived on top of the peak. Truly „spect(r)acu-  lar“! The ice Q glass cube plays an important role in the movie. Not as a gourmet temple but as a futurist hospital where villain Christoph Waltz pursues his devilish plans... Also the peak of Gaislachkogl is one of the photo call spots in the new „Spectre“ movie. What‘s more, the official „Behind the Scenes“ video (source:YouTube JAMES BOND 007 channel) was clicked over

2.8 million times, showing amazing impressions of the film shooting above 3000 meters altitude.


Short summary: James Bond (Daniel Craig) as Agent 007 rocked by a mysterious message from his past which sends him to unmask a sinister organization. Bond discovers an infinite number of lies and deceits to encode. His boss M (Ralph Fien- nes) struggles against mighty political forces threatening the entire Secret Service. Only after a while, James Bond realizes the awful truth behind Spectre…. pfeil

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SPECTRE–cular! Secret Mission In The Ötztal Alps

Sölden, the undisputed #HotSpotintheAlps, is a shooting location of the 24th James Bond movie “Spectre”.
From January to February 2015, the upper Ötztal valley was the place where Agent 007 met the mountains with heaps of snow and action.

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Tracing the footsteps of James Bond

Are you a fan of Spectre, the latest Bond film? If you watched carefully, you may have noticed that Sölden’s gorgeous scenery played an integral role. So, what better way to spend a vacation at this picturesque Austrian ski resort than by tracing the footsteps of everyone’s favourite spy? We went on a tour of the three locations which 007 graced with his presence and we bring you, our beloved readers, these insider details to help you reconstruct your own action movie...

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