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At a running jump towards new adventures

Nothing points against a spontaneous walk in the sunshine. But if the tour leads into high Alpine terrain, accurate route planning, a complete set of hiking equipment and enough knowhow for emergencies are absolutely required so that hikers and mountaineers are perfectly prepared for almost any situation - and can enjoy a fabulous day in the Ötztal Alps.

Tour planning: caution first ...

The longer a tour lasts, the more time is needed for planning it and the heavier is the packing list. Especially multi-day tours require exact logistics when it comes to food and drink, a realistic assessment of physical fitness and a constantly updated weather forecast. In general, it's much better to stop a tour earlier than to experience a sudden drop in temperature in the high mountains. Further useful advice for safe mountain hiking is provided by the general hiking recommendation and the international do's and don'ts mountain rules.



Equipment: the must haves on the mountain

The equipment list depends on the selected hiking destination and the current weather report.

  • Breathable outdoor clothing suitable for the weather conditions of the following few days
  • Enough food and drink for all days (check availability of serviced Alpine huts)
  • First aid kit
  • Mobile phone with full battery and mobile phone charger
  • Detailed hiking map and hiking literature
  • Sunscreen (sunglasses, sunscreen and cap)
  • Overnight utensils (hut sleeping bag, comfortable shoes for the hut, etc.)
  • Bivouac sack
  • Raingear
  • Cash money
  • Download - Detailed backpack checklist for multi-day hikes (PDF)

    Special tip: Always talk to the hut tenants on the spot - they know the local conditions very well and also how the weather will be in the following days.
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