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Jochen Neururer

„Life comes in waves“

Jochen Neururer (41) set up his soap factory in Umhausen in 2014. His organic natural soaps are all traditionally handmade. They are, of course, free of any chemical additives, but full of high-quality oils and Ötztal mountain spring water.

“Over the last weeks, we’ve come to appreciate our home so deeply. The space, the place, the nature. I don't know if it's because of the surrounding, but I have this strong belief that things will not only be good, but some might even turn out better. Maybe it's because we have the ups and downs right before our eyes. Life comes in waves and you should try to use the valley to gain strength for the next peak.

Of course, this crisis is a great test for all of us. Emotionally, interpersonally, economically. Suddenly everything is turned upside down. Everything we know, everything we take for granted seems to be tumbling. But such drastic experiences can also accelerate change, especially because we have more time to feel and think things over.

Jochen Neururer
Jochen Neururer

It seems crazy that at a time when you're not allowed to shake hands, there is a revival for things handmade and also for the handshake mentality. I used to believe that labels like “organic”, “vegan”, or “palm oil free” will convince people. Today, the ultimate selling point for me has become a simple statement: “On my honor”. I believe in my product - and you can trust me. It’s a straight, honest commitment between people.

Hands are, of course, also literally the heart of our work. And even though we are not profiting from the current hygiene hype and our sales have almost come to a standstill, I believe in the future. At first friends called because they wanted to know how to disinfect effectively. Now they call because they have skin irritations from the aggressive hygiene.

Our soaps simply use the power of nature. They are healing and moisturizing. Our organic oil is still alive as we do not heat it up to high temperatures, but only gently get it warm. Many people will appreciate this and develop a new feeling for skin care. And perhaps we will also care more for our inner self, our relationships with nature and our fellow human beings.“

“With the distance we have to keep now, my wife and I have become very aware of how important human closeness is to us. We cannot wait to sit down again with our families for dinner.“

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