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Hunting for the treasure

Geocaching, the modern treasure hunt by using GPS coordinates, takes adventurers straight to the heart of Ötztal. You can go treasure hunting throughout the valley, with or without digital help. By the way, the treasure hunters also explore the most picture-book spots in the Ötztal mountains. A welcome change that promises fun for both adults and children.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt in which a large community hunts for treasures called "geocaches". However, the way to get there is not shown on a paper treasure map, but can be found only by using GPS coordinates. With the help of a GPS device the modern treasure hunters find the hidden boxes or they even hide one themselves and transmit the coordinates to others. It's easy to join in: first register online at www.geocaching.com, download all GPS data and start the exciting search - no matter where you are.

Follow the treasure hunting map

In addition to the GPS-based treasure hunt, explorers of all ages can also set out for the search with the help of a small treasure hunting map. It is available from all Ötztal Tourismus Information Offices. Just pick it up and you can start the wild scavenger hunt through the valley right away. Especially children are enthusiastic about trying to find the hiding places. Very positive side effect: the youngest ones enjoy walking and hiking in the wild as they want to reach a special goal. Small treasures are hidden along the route marked on the map, and there is always something to be discovered. If you have found all treasure boxes you receive your own little treasure at the Information Office.

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9for5 & 5for1

The names 9for5 & 5for1 are synonymous with geocaches that are spread all over Ötztal. Five out of nine must be found to receive the Ötztaler geo coin - the Ötz-Taler. All the coordinates for the 9 different caches can be downloaded to the GPS device directly from the website or from the homepage of the Geocache Community at www.geocaching.com. For a better overview of the single cache locations and as a stamp card, there is an additional link (Link) for printing. In the 9for5 & 5for1 caches you will find different clippers or hole punchers. To finally pick up the coveted Ötz-Taler at the Längenfeld Information Office you needs 5 different clipper marks. There is also a map available for the individual clipper marks. So let's get started: good luck for your ambitious Ötz-Taler search!

The routes for your treasure hunt


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