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Culinary treats in Ötztal

So close to the genuine product

Homemade delights on your breakfast table, fresh apples from Haiming's fruit storage, tasty milk and yoghurt from the Brüggler-Hof farm in Huben. Between the AREA 47 at the entrance to the valley and small guesthouses in Sölden, short distances and prime quality of the food they process are important to many hosts within the valley. Using locally grown products makes sense from all points of view: It protects the environment, ensures varied and healthy agriculture - and of course freshness and culinary enjoyment.

A huge variety of producers is spread across Ötztal. The enormous diversity results primarily from the valley's five climatic zones that can be found between Haiming and Gurgl. Even wine is growing on the fertile farmland at the entrance to the valley, protected by the Tschirgant mountain massif while grazing cattle enjoy intense mountain herbs in the barren high Alpine areas.

We have put together a small but fine overview of the many culinary spots spread all over the valley: local direct marketers, hospitable mountain huts and interesting stories about millers, milk and cornmeal mush called "Muas".

Culinary experiences

As love goes through the stomach: Discover Ötztal moments of enjoyment

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