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Wheelchair accessible gastronomy

Restaurant visit made easy

Varied restaurants and inns in Ötztal promise a trouble-free visit to wheelchair users. Especially important are the parking spaces right next to the entrance or toilets fully adapted to disabled guests. Thanks to top modern equipment, people with impaired mobility can really enjoy both the excellent food and ambience.

✓ Clearly marked parking lots

✓ House and guest rooms are accessible without  steps or via very small steps (also via permanent/mobile ramps)

✓ Doors to/in the guest room are at least 80 cm wide

✓ Hallways to/in the guest room are at least 120 cm wide

✓ Wheelchair friendly guest room/terrace

✓ Wheelchair-accessible toilet is available

Restaurant Infang


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Unterlängenfeld 220
6444 Längenfeld

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Restaurant im AQUA DOME Hotel


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Oberlängenfeld 140
6444 Längenfeld


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Gasthof Schöpf


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Gries 32
6444 Längenfeld


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Après Ski Philipp


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Unterwaldstraße 8
6450 Sölden

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die berge **** lifestyle hotel sölden


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Gemeindestraße 8
6450 Sölden

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Posthotel Kassl


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Hauptstraße 70
6433 Oetz

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Some places in Ötztal are not specifically designed for guests using wheelchairs, nevertheless it is possible to visit them - with a few restrictions. Guest room or terrace provide enough space for wheelchairs even if certain requirements - such as parking lots or toilet facilities - are not fulfilled:

Wheelchair accessible arrival is possible

House and guest room accessible without steps or via very small steps (also via permanent/mobile ramps)

Doors to/in the guest room are at least 80 cm wide

Hallways to/in the guest room are at least 120 cm wide

Wheelchair friendly guest room


Mesner Stuben
Oberlängenfeld 24
6444 Längenfeld
Public disabled toilet at the pavilion can be used (approx. 100 meters away)
more details
Restaurant Bergwelt
Au 135
6444 Längenfeld
Entrance via terrace (ramp), then without steps to the dining room
more details
Pizzeria Don Camillo
Oberlängenfeld 59
6444 Längenfeld
Dining room accessible via the terrace and a ramp!
more details
Cafe-Konditorei Christoph
Oberlängenfeld 36
6444 Längenfeld
Access without steps is possible via the terrace!
more details
Oberlängenfeld 5
6444 Längenfeld
Access via a ramp!
more details
Jimmy´s Pizzeria Rustica
Huben 16b
6444 Längenfeld
There is a small step at the entrance!
more details
Gasthof Tauferberg
Niederthai 12a                             
6441 Umhausen
The main entrance is accessible without a threshold. Only a few tables are wheelchair accessible.
more details
Hotel Rita
Oberlängenfeld 44a
6444 Längenfeld
The main entrance is accessible via a ramp on the left side.
more details
Hotel Waldhof
Habichen 5
6433 Oetz
The entrance is accessible via a ramp through two glass sliding doors without thresholds.
more details
Dorfstraße 80
6450 Sölden
The entrance is accessible without steps from the left via the terrace.
more details

The different information categories at a glance:

Rollstuhltauglichkeit Examined by our experts in the course of this special project.
All important facts and figures are available in detail!
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Tested for wheelchair users by other institutions (www.tirol.at).
All information details have been adopted.
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Practical tips: no expert assessment is available but years of practical experience.
A visit for wheelchair users is basically possible and provides much enjoyment for all.
Criteria for passing on the information details were omitted here.