Tandem flights in Sölden

Nothing around you. Endless freedom. An exhilarating feeling close to the sky. The wind is your companion. You can trust only yourself. Experience the whole world from a bird eye's view, high above the valleys and towns. This ultimate adventure starts with a free fall. Novice paragliders can try a tandem flight together with an experienced guide. You believe you can fly. It's so easy, you are just a few steps away from this truly unique feeling. A certified tandem pilot takes care of you and makes your flying dreams come true.  

Top station
Accessible via Giggijoch mountain gondola
Starting area: at approx. 200 m north of the top station;
small wooden hut with weather vane; start possible
with or without skis.
Altitude 2270 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: approx. 900 m
Starting direction: east to south-east
Middle station
Accessible via Gaislachkogl mountain gondola - first
Starting area: at approx. 300 m north of the middle
station; accessible via a steep trail; located close to
the Gratlbahn piste.
Altitude Gratlbahn piste: 2100 m bis 2500 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: approx. 700 m bis 1100 m
Starting direction: east


In summer you should make landings only at the landing spot located in Sölden's hamlet of Windau, opposite the base station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola. In the eastern part of the landing site you find a wind sleeve right next to the rock outcrop.

In winter paragliders can also land in the north of the Shell gas station at the (northern) edge of Sölden next to the base station of Giggijoch mountain gondola (wind sleeve on the roadside).

More detailed information on paragliding:
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