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Mountainbike Rules & Signs

Mountain Bike Rules

Here you find ten basic mountain bike rules for your safety. Make sure that your next holiday in the fantastic Ötztal mountains will be successful.

1. Mountainbike Rule I

I control my speed and I anticipate trail users and obstacles (e.g. stones, branches, cattle, gates, tractors and other vehicles/machines) around corners and blind spots!


Mountainbike Rule II

I respect all trails, roads and paths and do not leave marked MBT trails. I bike in an environmentally sound andresponsible way.


Mountainbike Rule III

I show consideration for hikers and walkers and slow down to a walking pace for overtaking!


Mountainbike Rule IV

I protect my head with a helmet and check my equipmentbefore starting a tour!


Mountainbike Rule V

I take the route’s level of difficulty into consideration and judge my experience and ability as a biker accurately!


Mountainbike Rule VI

I respect barriers for wood-cutting works and accept that forestry trails are primarily for the use of the owners of the forest!


Mountainbike Rule VII

II do not leave rubbish!


Mountainbike Rule VIII

I close pasture gates!


Mountainbike Rule IX

I watch out for obstacles especially on narrow single trails as they are not checked regularly. I control my speed and use the trails at my own risk.


Mountainbike Rule X

I pay attention to alpine hazards.


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Mountain Bike Signs

The Ötztal uses the same mountain bike signs as the gouverment of Tyrol.  Here you get further informations:

Ötztal Trail Signs

Ötztal Trail Road marking

MTB Tours Sign

Singletrail Marking

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