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To the lush summery pastures - sheep drive

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Hochjoch Hospiz/Martin Busch Hut


Sheep drive to the summer quarters .......

Due tot he COVID 19 situation, the tranhumance of sheep this year can take place only with the current regulation of distance.

Saturday 19th June 2021
From Kurzras/Schnalstal (2000m) over the Hochjoch (2850m) to the Hochjoch Hospiz (Hut). Hochjoch hospice or she received at the huts.

Saturday 19th June 2021
From Vernagt am See (1700m) over the Niederjoch (3019m) to the Martin Busch hut

The beds on the huts should be reserved (the huts are mostly still closed at the beginning of june):

Schöne Aussicht phone: 0039 0473 662140
Similaunhut phone: 0039 0473 669711
Martin Busch Hut phone: 0043 664 3043 151
Hochjoch Hospiz phone: 0043 664 7980 757

WARNING: extreme bad weather can occur a change of date!

There is no organized transfer from the Schnalstal to Vent!