Single Trail Paperchase

08 June 2019

Undisputed Mountain Bike Cult Event!

140 mm of deflection or even more, uphill in the mountain gondola, downhill on superb trails: the Paperchase is an unlimited team event for all passionate enduro mountain bikers at the heart of Ötztal. There is no prize money to win but a "Giant Golden Schnitzel".

A fun-filled sports competition for everyone with excellent tactical and orienteering skills. Therefore the Paperchase has already become a cult event in Ötztal. Teams of two enduro bikers have to conquer the single trails high above Sölden by solving action-packed difficulties.

Mountain bike pro Holger Meyer had a brilliant idea more than 10 years ago: fabulous trails for downhill bike aficionados combined with a maximum of fun! A classic paperchase on two mountain bike wheels where the winner receives a Giant Golden Schnitzel. Holding it in your hands is a real honor and pleasure at the same time.

All participants in the ultimate Paperchase can look forward not only to the Giant Golden Schnitzel - there is also an outstanding bike and event weekend full of attractions, unique highlights and superlatives waiting for you!


The next Single Trail Paperchase takes place on 08 June 2019. Stay tuned!

Single Trail Paperchase
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