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Alpine pastures & huts of Almzeit Sölden

Enjoyment, activity, fun and games

Their names sound like a promise: each hut has something very special to explore. Made to measure to the respective topic, for example delicious delicacies from the hut's kitchen, scenic highlights or interactive play stations for the action hungry little guests. The offer ranges from small petting zoos to water playgrounds and information panels on varied topics - simply everything that kids enjoy at the Almzeit mountain huts. Even more special moments in a good mood are guaranteed by spontaneous (folk) music performances and events held on a regular basis.
Snack time Jausenzeit Sölden Almzeit

Jausenstation Hochwald - Snack time

Bacon, bread, cheese – three ingredients for a wonderful culinary experience in the Alps. Demanding ascents are always rewarded with such a hearty snack: at Jausenstation Hochwald hikers can sample genuine delights and fresh products from own farming. Besides mouth-watering cold cuts also homemade smoked sausages are served, or the world-famous Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake.

Jausenstation Hochwald
Nature time Tavern Sonneck Sölden Almzeit

Alpengasthof Sonneck - Nature time

Not by chance its name is Sonneck – this Alpine inn nestles in one of the valley's sunniest spots. Nature explorers of all ages are warmly welcome. Genuine hospitality awaits them amidst untouched mountain landscapes as the Ötztal Alps offer a myriad of wildly romantic places. Children can give outdoor bowling a try: strike!

Alpengasthof Sonneck
Panorama time Heidealm Sölden Almzeit

Heidealm - panorama time

Have you seen the eagle winking at you from the mountain top? Which kind of colored animal can you make out down in the valley? Oh, it's a hiker! Awe-inspiring vistas in XXL format are only a stone's throw away with the huge telescope at Heidealm. Breathtaking panorama on the sun-flooded terrace where mouth-watering specialties are served.

Animal time Gaislachalm Sölden Almzeit

Gaislach Alm - animal time

Wonderful hours in close touch with nature at Gaislach Alm: in addition to special attractions like the paperfish or a trout pond there are loads of other animals in the stables and precincts. The youngest guests love pony riding or the petting zoo. Typical regional delights are on the menu – plus uninterrupted panoramic views of the Alpine scenery.

Gemstone time Silbertal Sölden Almzeit

Almferienclub Silbertal - gemstone time

An outstanding hike to Silbertal leads right to Tirol's biggest mineral museum where children take a quick glance at the countless gems and precious stones. But one thing is for sure: the giant climbing crystals of different sizes and colors, that can be found outside the museum, are far more interesting. There is a lot to discover..

Almferienclub Silbertal
Pleasure time Ice Q Sölden

ice Q - pleasure time

The gourmet top spot in the Ötztal nestles at 3,048 meters altitude: the new Ice Q Restaurant on Gaislachkogl peak combines modern architecture, Alpine Cuisine and fine wines. A culinary summit meeting for real gourmands in a stylish ambiance. Restaurant, lounge, panorama terrace and footbridge to the peak promise a spectacular experience for all senses. Crystal-clear concepts open up new dimensions!

ice Q
Potato time Goldeggalm Sölden Almzeit

Goldegg Alm - potato time

Have you ever enjoyed Tirolean-style roast potatoes? If not this is the right place to try them for the first time. They are delicious! At Goldegg Alm the host himself prepares this unrivaled specialty. And what's best, outside the kids can climb up a huge potato while swinging and rocking up and down.

Goldegg Alm
Artistic time Gampealm Sölden Almzeit

Gampe Alm - artistic time

Maybe you don't expect to see a sculpture right amidst the mountains. Somehow it sharpens your sight. Nature is an artwork herself: bizarre rocks, knotty tree roots, colorful Alpine flowers. At lovely Gampe Alm everyone – be it young or old - can contribute to the marvelous outsize 3-D painter's palette. Art is also a game.

Gampe Alm
Music time Löplealm Sölden Almzeit

Löple Alm - Music time

Alpine pastures and Tirolean music go hand in hand. Singing and playing music have been a tradition in the Alpine region for many centuries – be it traditional or zappy. Next to scenic Löple Alm you can explore a giant contrabass in XL format. Are there any musicians as well? You never know! Music is a language that everyone can understand.

Löple Alm
Wooden parlor time Sölden Almzeit

Tiroler Stube - wooden parlor time

Nothing for couch potatoes: jovial get together, excellent food, dreamlike views and state-of-the-art Gaislachkogl mountain gondola. Mountain aficionados will love top modern Tiroler Stube and its wood paneled parlors. This place is always worth a visit, no matter if the sun is shining or the sky is cloud-covered: the cozy "Stube" makes you feel at home-away-from-home.

Tiroler Stube
Marende time Gampe Thaya Sölden

Gampe Thaya - Marende time

A deeply rooted mountain farm plus traditional music and excellent plain cooking with only the best ingredients. Gampe Thaya is renowned for its mouth-watering "Marende" delights, one of Tirol's most typical and genuine afternoon snacks. Right in front of the wooden hut children can romp around or climb up the giant piece of Emmental cheese.

Gampe Thaya
Play time Sonnblick Sölden Almzeit

Sonnblick - play time

Fine food, mountains & scenic views: Welcome to Sonnblick! A perfect place for playing, enjoying nature and having a delicious snack. The panoramic playground also features a small petting zoo for kids while Mum and Dad can wind down in the hammocks next to the play area. A great spot for nature fans of all ages.

Peak time Rotkogelhütte Sölden Almzeit

Rotkogelhütte - peak time

It's time for a peak performance. The effort is rewarded with breathtaking views. Choose from a variety of freshly prepared specialties at Rotkogelhütte while soaking up the sun. Do you see the larger-than-life hiking boot? Maybe a giant has left it there! It doesn't make any difference: the youngest hikers have great fun with the new outdoor toy.

Water time Hühnersteig'n Sölden Almzeit

Hühnersteig'n - Water time

Play with the elements at Hühnersteig'n: parents can indulge in delicious Tirolean specialties or try the revitalizing Kneipp pools while the kids romp around with spray guns and water toys. The whole family takes part in the shooting challenge promising action-packed moments. Who can hit the giant target best: Mummy, Daddy, your little sister or your brother?

Clock time Leiterbergalm Sölden Almzeit

Leiterbergalm - clock time

We don't count minutes or hours but beautiful moments between sunrise and dusk. Listen to chirping birds in the morning. Enjoy bright sunshine, crystal clear mountain air and cozy warmth coming from deep inside. Have a chat among friends, enjoy a hearty snack and indulge in authentic pasture life. Are we in a hurry? No, not at all. We have loads of time.

Forest time Waldesruh Sölden Almzeit

Waldesruh - forest time

Don't miss out on a visit to Almdorf Waldesruh, a holiday village nestling right amidst the wildly romantic forest. Listen to the cuckoo or the woodpecker living in the nearby trees. Is there someone knocking at the door? Oh no, a couple of young bird-watchers discovered the three wooden birds imitating a woodpecker. Not bad at all. That sounds like fun!

Sheep time Rettenbachalm Sölden Almzeit

Rettenbachalm - Sheep time

This part of the ALMZEIT Theme Trail sounds like “baa baa”! Sample mouth-watering specialties from the Tirolean Mountain Sheep and other traditional delights on the large sun terrace overlooking the majestic Ötztal Glaciers. A real feast for all senses! Everyone can join us as lovely Rettenbachalm is easily accessible on Panoramaweg Trail from Hochsölden and the middle station of Gaislachkogl gondola or by car and bus along the Glacier Road.