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Waalweg Mooserstegle

Simply follow the brooklet

Water attracts children in a really magic way. No wonder that they are on fire along this fabulous adventure theme trail. But adults also love to explore the life-giving wet element on the tracks of the historic Waalweg water trails. Gentle animation provided by activity stations, mystic lights & moods, deep silence in the forest are synonymous with the hours spent together.

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Keep up with history

Previous generations once built water pipes and irrigation channels - called "Waale" in German - in order to transport the water from mountain brooks and Alpine lakes to their fields and pastures down in the valley. Along these channels also narrow paths were constructed for maintenance and control reasons of these ditches. Mooserstegle is such a water trail reminding of earlier times. Today, instead of clever farmers curious hikers follow the course of the water and especially children are thrilled by the constant flow under their feet. At varied interactive stations, for example a mill wheel, the water trickles through wooden pipes and the young explorers can make all sorts of experiments.


Loop trail in Sölden's Silent Part

Lovely Waalweg Mooserstegle water trail, awarded the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal, starts in the hamlet of Granbichl next to Ötztaler Ache mountain brook. It is an easy walking trail and therefore perfectly suitable for all nature fans. At the very beginning, the deep ravine formed by the waters of Windacher Ache shows the immense power of Alpine water. Later the route leads over a bridge towards Mooserstegle where the reconstructed "Waal" irrigation ditch accompanies you on the hike. In the shady forest it smells of wet moss and earth and you can always try a Kneipp cure. Even on very hot summer days the temperatures are quite pleasant in this area. Information boards describe the background of this interesting water theme trail and cozy rest areas invite you to while away some hours. Without longer breaks, the estimated walking time for the Waalweg Mooserstegle is about 2 hours but can be extended as desired.

In the 2019 hiking season, the theme trail will be significantly expanded, in part newly designed and leveled to make access even easier. Nevertheless, the Waalweg is passable at any time.

Waalweg Mooserstegle Sölden Hiking History
Waalweg Mooserstegle Sölden Hiking