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Sölden as well as Hochsölden, Zwieselstein and Vent attract hiking enthusiasts with well-marked and excellently maintained hiking trails. Between the valley floor and snow-topped peaks, mountain lovers can let off steam until the soles of their feet burn: Family-friendly Alpine inns and huts can be explored along the scenic Almzeit theme hiking trail, sporty ascents up to more than 3000 meters altitude or multi-day hikes are a must. Shortcuts are allowed thanks to the mountain lifts which open up high Alpine nature jewels and rest stops for both families and connoisseurs. With a comfy gondola ride also experienced hikers can spare energy for longer tours.

The following list shows the complete hiking offer in Sölden at a glance. Find out more about suitable tours incl. directions, walking time, getting there and up-to-date details.

Long Distance Hiking Stage

Ötztal Trek Stage 17

Long Distance Hiking · Oetztal
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  • Breslauer Hütte
    / Breslauer Hütte
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  • Tiefenbach
    / Tiefenbach
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • Tiefenbach
    / Tiefenbach
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  • Braunschweiger Hütte
    / Braunschweiger Hütte
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Map / Ötztal Trek Stage 17
2600 2800 3000 3200 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Breslauer Hütte Weißeskarsee Tiefenbachferner

Breslauer Hütte (2.844 m) –> Restaurant Tiefenbach (2.789 m) –> Rettenbachjoch (2.990 m) –> Braunschweiger Hütte (2.758 m)

16.4 km
6:00 h
1080 m
1140 m


Course: Climbing, Path Requirements: Step safety, dizziness, condition, endurance, high alpine experience; Bergweg black, partly alpine route Difficulties: glacier crossing over the Rettenbachferner (columns, path not marked); Mountain guide recommended Equipment: normal hiking equipment, crampons, pimples according to circumstances; In any case rope; Climbing on the glacier Duration: approx. 7,5 h Difference in altitude: approx. 650 Hm ascent, approx. 750 Hm descent Maximum point: 3,056 m Distance: approx. 15 km Accommodation: Breslauer Hütte, Braunschweiger Hütte, Restaurant Tiefenbach, T + 43 (0) 5254 5010 Crossing: Exit Stablein from the chair lift Wildspitze (valley Vent) to Breslauer Hütte (approx. 1,5 h ascent, approx. 1,25 h descent); From the valley station of the Rettenbacherfern over the Rettenbachjoch or the Pitztaler Jöchl to the Braunschweiger hut (about 1.75 h way, approx. 1.5 h Retourweg) Information on bus times between Tiefenbach- and Rettenbachferner T +43 (0) 57200 200

Highest point
3044 m
Lowest point
2455 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Braunschweiger Hütte
Breslauer Hütte

Safety information

Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit, Kondition, Ausdauer, hochalpine Erfahrung; abschnittsweise alpine Route

Gletscherpassage über den Rettenbachferner (Spalten, Pfad nicht markiert); Bergführer empfohlen


It is recommended to wear hiking equipment such as breathable and weather-adapted outdoor clothing, ankle-high mountain boots, wind, rain and sun protection, cap and possibly gloves. It is also important to have enough food, as well as a first-aid package, a cell phone and a hiking map.

Tips, hints and links

More details about hiking In Ötztal: 


Breslauer Hut (2839 m)
46.868038, 10.879350
32T 643228 5192214


Braunschweiger Hut

Turn-by-turn directions

Breslauer Hut (2.844 m) – Restaurant Tiefenbach (2.789 m) – Rettenbachjoch (2.990 m) – Braunschweiger Hut (2.758 m)

Through Glaciers Above Vent

The hike from Breslauer Hütte via Vent to Braunschweiger Hütte at the end of Pitztal is a truly long one. Leaving Breslauer Hütte the trail drops steeply and levels out in the foothills of Rofenkar. A bit further down take the new high elevation trail to your left which later joins the old scenic trail between Vent and Tiefenbachferner. The path descends for a short stretch before climbing gently through Weißkar and Seiter Kar to Restaurant Tiefenbach on Tiefenbach glacier (approx. 4 hrs.). At the restaurant you make a left in front of the tunnel and hike up the ski slope to Seiterjöchl (follow Seiterjöchl chairlift). From Seiterjöchl you head in a northern direction down towards Rettenbachferner. You make a left around a rocky promontory and continue in a northwestern direction without great altitude changes to the lift stations on Rettenbachjoch (end of the glacier section). From Rettenbachjoch the trail drops down steeply and levels out before reaching Braunschweiger Hütte.<br/><br/>Variation: by bus from Restaurant Tiefenbach to the base terminal of Rettenbach glacier; walk to the upper parking lot and hike up to Pitztaler Jöchl (2996m) – the last part of the trail takes you across a crevasse-free glacier field (crampons might be useful); from Pitztaler Jöchl it’s an easy walk down to Braunschweiger Hütte; walking time from the base terminal of Rettenbach glacier: approx. 1 ¾ hrs. If Pitztaler Jöchl is closed: from the upper parking lot hike to Rettenbachjoch (easy glacier section on the last few meters); walking time from the base terminal: approx. 1 ¾.

Public transport

Enjoy a both comfortable and relaxing train ride to the train station in Ötztal Bahnhof. You get off the train in ÖTZTAL Bahnhof where you change to a public bus or local taxi. The current bus schedule can be found at:


Getting there

Vent is located in the western part of Austria in the state TYROL, in a southern side valley of the Inn valley - the ÖTZTAL. For your arrival by car, you can plan the best route from your home town with the route planner online at



The following parking facilities are available in Vent:

In front of the village and at the valley station from the chair lift (payable)

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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16.4 km
6:00 h
1080 m
1140 m
In and out Scenic With refreshment stops


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