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Sölden as well as Hochsölden, Zwieselstein and Vent attract hiking enthusiasts with well-marked and excellently maintained hiking trails. Between the valley floor and snow-topped peaks, mountain lovers can let off steam until the soles of their feet burn: Family-friendly Alpine inns and huts can be explored along the scenic Almzeit theme hiking trail, sporty ascents up to more than 3000 meters altitude or multi-day hikes are a must. Shortcuts are allowed thanks to the mountain lifts which open up high Alpine nature jewels and rest stops for both families and connoisseurs. With a comfy gondola ride also experienced hikers can spare energy for longer tours.

The following list shows the complete hiking offer in Sölden at a glance. Find out more about suitable tours incl. directions, walking time, getting there and up-to-date details.

Mountain Hike

Four Lake Way - Längenfeld

Mountain Hike · Laengenfeld
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  • Plattach See
    / Plattach See
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  • Weisser See
    / Weisser See
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  • Spitzig See
    / Spitzig See
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  • Hauersee
    / Hauersee
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Map / Four Lake Way  - Längenfeld
1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Stabelealm Hauerseehütte Innerbergalm

LEHN -> Stabele Alm –> Leckalm –> Plattach See –> Felder Scharte -> Weißer See –> Unterer Spitzig See –> Hauersee –> Innerbergalm  -> LEHN
16.7 km
9:30 h
2066 m
2066 m
This round-trip trail with its four lakes, which vary in color according to the season, reflects the color palette of the water, from Caribbean blue to crystal-clear green. However, the small treasures in and around the lakes themselves should also be paid attention.


The trail leads from the hamlet of Lehn in Längenfeld over a trail to Stabele Alm past the Leckalm over lush green pastures on a ridge along to the first of the four mountain lakes, the Plattachsee. From there, you can already see the newly created path, the over the fields Scharte, past the salt places for the sheep down over steeper grassy slopes to a new natural spectacle, the White Lake. It is the largest and deepest of the four lakes and invites with its milky green color and its numerous rest areas for a short break for a break. Slowly it goes over a beautiful mountain trail from the White Lake to the lower Spitzig lake below. Nestled in a rugged mountain landscape, he rests there completely still and has a soothing charisma. From there you continue to the last of the four lakes, the Hauersee. Depending on the season, it shimmers milky green to turquoise. Surrounded by the so-called Fünffingerspitzen you can once again briefly enjoy the pleasant tranquility of the 2300 vertical meters before you begin the descent.   On the way down, the Hauerkamm towards Innerbergalm offers a fantastic view of the Innerbergtal and the Hauertal. At the top of this ridge is the Wöckelwarte, from which you can let your gaze wander over Längenfeld. From there it goes through a charming pine forest back to the lush alpine pastures and fields just before the Innerbergalm. The descent is like the ascent via the trail back to Lehn.   


Author’s recommendation

The hut taxi runs in the summer season every Tuesday to the Stabelealm. Thus you spare yourself a climb of about 2 hours. Reservations are required until 17.00 on Monday.
Ötztal Tourismus - Information Längenfeld +43 (0) 57200 300

Highest point
2796 m
Lowest point
1162 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop


Safety information

Moderate mountain trail; for sure-footed and experienced hikers. Good physical condition, mountain experience

& mountain equipment (see notice equipment) necessary. Please pay attention to the current weather report:


Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, ankle-high walking boots,

wind-, rain- & sun protection, hat, possibly gloves, is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid

box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.


Tips, hints and links

More details about hiking In Ötztal: 


Lehn - Längenfeld (1162 m)
47.082868, 10.945323
32T 647663 5216209


Lehn - Längenfeld

Turn-by-turn directions

This circular route leads from Längenfeld Lehn to the Leckalm (not managed) over pastures along a ridge to the first of the four mountain lakes, the Plattachsee. Continue on the newly created trail over the fields Scharte, the White Lake. He is the largest and deepest of the four lakes. About the trail leads to the lower Spitzig lake below. From there you continue to the last of the four lakes, the Hauersee. On the way back to Innerbergalm is the Wöckelwarte from which you have a wonderful view of Längenfeld.

Public transport

Travel safe and comfortable with the train to the Ötztal Bahnhof train station. Last stop and exit point is the

train station Ötztal Bahnhof. Afterwards you can travel smoothly and quick with the public transport or our local

taxi companies through the valley to your desired destination. Please find the current bus timetable here:


Getting there

The car drive to the Ötztal valley. Situated in Tirol, the Ötztal valley set off in southerly direction and is the

longest side valley in the Eastern Alps. The journey with the car leads you through the Inntal valley to the

entrance of the valley and further on through the valley. Among the toll motorways you can also use the country

roads. A route planner will show you the easiest and most convenient way:


The following parking facilities are available in Längenfeld:
  • Sports center - (football pitch and swimming pool) - free of charge
  • Opposite the Ötztal Tourismus (small number of parking spaces) free of charge


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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16.7 km
9:30 h
2066 m
2066 m
Loop Scenic With refreshment stops


: h
Highest point
Lowest point
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