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Glacier (Road)

The Glacier Road is opened for the public traffic (toll road). Bistro Rettenbachgletscher opened. Bistro Tiefenbachgletscher opened from Sat, 24 June.

Road toll fees


The summer operating season starts on Thu, 15 Jun 2017. The Bike Republic starts on Thu, 15 June as well.

Summer Operating Hours | BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN


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Snow Update

Snow-Update from the Hotspot of the Alps

In the beginning of October, Mother Hulda visited Sölden for the first time this year and wrapped the landscape into a wintry dress.

We paid the glacier high above Sölden a visit and don’t want to withheld the stunning impressions of the last days from you – therefore lean back, enjoy and dream about your first skiing day!

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