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The hiking paradise of Sölden also has a marvelous winter season: 49.5 km of cleared, signposted winter hiking trails take walkers straight through snow-covered forests, white meadows and along Ötztaler Ache mountain brook. Adventure-seeking vacationers grab their snowshoes and listen to the crunching snow under their feet while lively Sölden disappears in the background. Trudging  through the untouched white either on your own or accompanied by a local guide you will take new insights on the way to rustic mountain huts.

Mountain Hike

Breitlehn- und Kapuzinerjöchl (vom Ötztal ins Pitztal) - Längenfeld/Huben

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Map / Breitlehn- und Kapuzinerjöchl  (vom Ötztal ins Pitztal) - Längenfeld/Huben
1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Breitlehnalm

HUBEN -> Breitlehnalm -> Breitlehnjoch -> Kapuzinerjoch -> Gahwinden -> Rüsselsheimer Hütte -> PARKPLATZ WEISSWALD
14.8 km
9:30 h
1864 m
1445 m
Who chooses the ascent on foot, goes from the small group of houses "Mühl" near the fun park in Huben on a trail directly to Breitlehnalm. From the pasture, a path leads into the entrance of the grazing high valley and ascends at a steady slope until you reach the bottom filled with boulders and rocks. From the Breitlehnjoch you can look for the first time at the characteristic Kaunergrat (Watzespitze, Verweilspitze ...). An overall picture that always amazes you. The climb to the Kapuzinerjöchl takes all the attention. After crossing a scree slope, small bends through rocky terrain lead very steeply to the yoke. By the Rötenkar first down and on the opposite hand is up to the viewpoint Gahwinden. The Rüsselsheimer hut (about 45 minutes away) can already be seen. During the descent into the Pitztal to the parking lot between the white forest and Plangeross, one is accompanied by the sight of the idiosyncratic rock forms of the Kaunergratberge.

Author’s recommendation

The hut taxi runs once a week during the summer season. A reservation is required. 
Ötztal Tourismus - Information Längenfeld

+43 (0)57200 300

Highest point
2704 m
Lowest point
1188 m
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Rest Stop


Safety information

For experienced mountaineers that are free from vertigo & surefooted, Very good physical condition, mountain

experience & mountain equipment (see notice equipment) necessary, such as alpine security material, good

weather conditions recommended. Please pay attention to the current weather report:


Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, ankle-high walking boots,

wind-, rain- & sun protection, hat, possibly gloves, is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid

box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.

Tips, hints and links

In 2001, the former New Chemnitz Hut was renamed Rüsselsheimer Hütte. The important base in the middle part of the Geigenkamm Höhenweg is not only epic because of its location and its wildlife, but also in culinary terms. For example, you can enjoy delicacies from Capricorn here.

Due to the long walking time, the driveway to Breitlehnalm with the hut taxis makes sense. If one walks from Huben on foot, an overnight stay on the Rüsselsheimer hut is to be recommended.

The way back to the starting point can be done by bus via Imst.


Huben - Ötztal (1188 m)
47.041977, 10.963817
32T 649181 5211700


Weißwald - Pitztal

Turn-by-turn directions

The ascent to Breitlehnalm via a hiking trail which leads through dense forest. From the pasture, it goes through meadows at the beginning. The path is getting steeper and rougher. A rubble slope leads up to Breitlehnjoch. The climb to the Kapuzinerjöchl is cable insured and requires all the attention. Through the Rötenkar you descend to take on the opposite slope again the rise to the lookout point Gahwinden. The Rüsselsheim hut is already visible. The descent into the Pitztal runs on a well walkable path.

Public transport

Travel safe and comfortable with the train to the Ötztal Bahnhof train station. Last stop and exit point is the

train station Ötztal Bahnhof. Afterwards you can travel smoothly and quick with the public transport or our local

taxi companies through the valley to your desired destination. Please find the current bus timetable here:

Getting there

The car drive to the Ötztal valley. Situated in Tirol, the Ötztal valley set off in southerly direction and is the

longest side valley in the Eastern Alps. The journey with the car leads you through the Inntal valley to the

entrance of the valley and further on through the valley. Among the toll motorways you can also use the country

roads. A route planner will show you the easiest and most convenient way:


The following parking spaces are available:
Huben - fun park - free
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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14.8 km
9:30 h
1864 m
1445 m
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