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The hiking paradise of Sölden also has a marvelous winter season: 49.5 km of cleared, signposted winter hiking trails take walkers straight through snow-covered forests, white meadows and along Ötztaler Ache mountain brook. Adventure-seeking vacationers grab their snowshoes and listen to the crunching snow under their feet while lively Sölden disappears in the background. Trudging  through the untouched white either on your own or accompanied by a local guide you will take new insights on the way to rustic mountain huts.

Long Distance Hiking Stage

Ötztaler Urweg E7 Vent - Zwieselstein

Long Distance Hiking · Oetztal
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  • Vent
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  • Tiefenbach
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Map / Ötztaler Urweg E7 Vent - Zwieselstein
2100 2400 2700 3000 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Weißeskarsee Tiefenbach Gletscher Tiefenbach Gletscher Restaurant



VENT –> Weißenkar –> Tiefenbach –> Gaislachalmen –> Bodenegg –> ZWIESELSTEIN

14.9 km
6:00 h
1024 m
980 m


The lovely mountaineering village of Vent is encircled by several three thousand meter high summits and surrounded by a splendid mountain scenery. In midsummer, you can watch numerous hikers with large backpacks and climbing equipment in this little mountain hamlet. The main hiking destinations are either Wildspitze peak or "Ötzi's" place of finding!


Not far from the village center a narrow path travels across lush Alpine meadows, along rushing mountain brooks which make their way out of the valley towards the Venter Ache brook. The higher you climb the more bizarre is the panorama: glacier-covered mountains higher than 3000 meters are already in sight.


The route leads past Tiefenbach Glacier where countless sportsmen improve their snow sport skills. On the descent to the Gaislachalmen pastures you can immerse yourself in a wonderful feeling of being away from everyday worries. Take a deep breath and enjoy the marvelous high Alpine plateau of Gaislachalmen. Fresh mountain flowers, rich colors and lovely pastures and meadows line your way to the valley floor near Bodenegg and further on to Zwieselstein.

Highest point
2806 m
Lowest point
1923 m

Rest Stop

Alpengasthof Gaislach Alm
Tiefenbach Gletscher Restaurant

Safety information

Surefootedness, a good physical shape, stamina

It's a long walking time!


Standard hiking equipment, sturdy hiking boots

Tips, hints and links

Did you know that…


… the very first alpinists came to the mountaineering village of Vent to conquer the numerous three thousand meter high peaks already in the 18th century?


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Vent (1923 m)
46.861209, 10.913772
32T 645870 5191519



Turn-by-turn directions

Vom Ortszentrum Vent wandert man auf dem Forstweg zum Sonnenberg in Serpentinen hinauf, vorbei an weidenden Almvieh, bis zum Einstieg in den herrlichen hochalpinen Panoramaweg. Der Panoramaweg von Vent bis zur Tiefenbachbahn in Sölden, führt von 1.900 m auf 2.800 m Höhe. Zu Beginn des Weges gewinnt man durch einen etwas steileren Aufstieg schnell an Höhenmetern. Weiter entlang des Weges wandernd, geht es über die Hänge von Weißkar und Mutboden. Dabei genießt man auf der ganzen Strecke eine grandiose Aussicht auf das Talbecken, das von mächtigen Bergriesen umringt wird. Immer leicht aufwärtsführend gelangt man schließlich zum Parkplatz der Tiefenbachbahn. Damit hat man auch schon den höchsten Punkt dieser Etappe, die Talstation der Tiefenbachbahn auf 2.800 m erreicht. Aus dem steinigen hochalpinen Gelände heraustretend, wandert man ab dem Parkplatz den Panoramaweg hinunter bis nach Gaislach zum Etappenziel, der Gaislachalm. Dabei genießt man wieder ein wunderbares Bergpanorama mit Blick ins Ventertal sowie ein wahres Blumenmeer und zahlreiche kleine Gletscherseen, zum Teil schon durch den Gletscherabrieb verlandet, wie der Petznersee.

Public transport

Enjoy a both comfortable and relaxing train ride to the train station in Ötztal Bahnhof. You get off the train in ÖTZTAL Bahnhof where you change to a public bus or local taxi. The current bus schedule can be found at:


Getting there

Vent is located in the western part of Austria in the state TYROL, in a southern side valley of the Inn valley - the ÖTZTAL. For your arrival by car, you can plan the best route from your home town with the route planner online at



The following parking facilities are available in Vent:

In front of the village and at the valley station from the chair lift (payable)

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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14.9 km
6:00 h
1024 m
980 m


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Lowest point
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