Are you Sölden enough?

New winter, new luck!

We are sporty, fast, exciting, spectacular, close to nature, international and - above all - we are always surprising and new. Sure, you want to go on vacation straight away! But are you Sölden enough too? Because this year not everyone can go to Sölden, first you have to prove that you have the Sölden spirit and that you are more than ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

Are you Sölden enough?

We asked Lisa this question when she wanted to book her winter holiday in Sölden. Watch our video and find out what this question is all about. 😉

Are you Sölden enough?

You think you are ready for Sölden?

Ok, let’s see…

You are a true insider and know everything there is to know about Sölden? Take the test now and prove to yourself that you are more than ready for the winter of your life. By entering the quiz, you automatically take part in the great Sölden prize game and have the chance to win a 2-day skipass!

Here you go!

PS: If you are not ready yet: You will find a weekly cheat sheet in the newsletter to help you prepare.

From Not Ready Yet to Born Ready in 3 episodes.

We make everyone fit for Sölden!

Not everyone is ready for Sölden right away... But with a little coaching everyone can improve. Like Andi, who does everything to become part of the Sölden community. See for yourself...

Experience the Sölden spirit

Sölden is sporty and fast. Entertaining and exciting but also relaxing and close to nature. International and always new. There is only one thing we are definitely not: A ski resort like any other for anyone else! Here, between the peaks of Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch, there is a very special vibe up to over three thousand meters. Difficult to describe, but really cool!

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Winter 20/21

The huge choice of possibilities on the mountain and the infinite number of activities away from the slopes make winter dreams come true.

Travel insurance

Worriless winter holidays - Play it safe!

We offer the opportunity to take out travel insurance provided by ERV for every booking. It can protect you from any additional costs related to Covid-19 and much else!

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Are you ready for Söldens (and Austrias) longest slope?

Do you have enough courage for the "Schwarze Schneid"?

If you want to know what a seemingly endless top-to-bottom ski run feels like, then the huge Sölden ski area is just the right place for you. The "Schwarze Schneid" isn't only the longest slope in Sölden but even in the whole of Austria! Are you ready for the ultimate endurance challenge?

Bare figures already impress. Better rub your eyes in disbelief. You have to conquer no less than 1970 altitude meters on 15 kilometers. For comparison only: the Swiss Lauberhorn downhill in Wengen - the longest downhill run of the entire Ski World Cup Circus - is just under 4.5 kilometers long. Burning thighs are absolutely guaranteed!

From the "Schwarze Schneid" BIG3 viewing platform on Rettenbach Glacier at 3340 meters above sea level (the highest point of the entire ski area), the superb ski run descends to Gaislachkogl base station at 1370 meters. In between: skiing pleasure in XXL format. The downhill run isn't too demanding from a technical point of view and thus easy to master for sporty skiers. However, everyone who reaches the valley bottom knows that he has accomplished his personal mission.

How to get there: the "Schwarze Schneid" in the Sölden Glacier Ski Area can be reached via the Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch mountain gondolas, by taking the latter you arrive a bit faster. Once you reach the Giggijoch ski area, you take Silberbrünnl chairlift first, followed by Piste No. 23 and then Einzeiger chairlift and Gletscherexpress mountain gondola. At Rettenbach Glacier you take the Schwarze Schneid I & II mountain gondola lift to get to the starting point of the downhill run.

You are Sölden - with every fiber of your body?

Then prove it to us. Show us how the Sölden spirit won't leave you alone at home either. How? Show us in a creative way what your preparation for Sölden looks like. Boarding in the city, riding the subway in a ski dress, there are no limits to your creativity. Important! Tag us on Instagram under the hashtags #AreYouSöldenEnough.

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