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As a highly ambitious skier, an adventure-seeking sports fan or lover of great events you don’t want to miss any Sölden stories and news? Then our WhatsApp service is just the right feature for you! We will inform you about the current weather and snow conditions, deliver the latest news from the Hot Spot in the Alps and send brand new blog posts.

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Never miss the latest trends and TOP events anymore and subscribe to our ultimate WhatsApp channel by choosing also your favorite topics and holiday themes. We will provide you with the latest news and highlights on a regular basis:

Take a look at our snow updates and latest live reports, and enjoy a truly superb ski vacation with loads of side information. All important details about events and parties add to a memorable winter season off the ski slopes while the latest Sölden Blogs give a fantastic insight behind the scenes of the Hot Spot in the Alps.

  • News: Here you receive WhatsApp messages about the latest news and trends in and around Sölden, including superb blog stories.
  • Events: Here you receive WhatsApp messages about upcoming TOP events in Sölden.
  • Weather: Here you receive WhatsApp messages about the weather conditions on the spot.
  • Winter Sport Report: Here you receive one daily WhatsApp message about the current snow and ski slope conditions.

Subscribe now and stay tuned! We look forward to welcoming you to our WhatsApp Channel soon!

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