Adrenalin Cup Sölden


Unique Action-Packed Competition for Everyone

The name says it all: at the Adrenalin Cup ambitious winter athletes compete in 9 exciting disciplines spread over the entire Sölden ski area all winter long. Collecting points they can win great prizes - coupled with unlimited action and fun. Anyone can participate, for holders of a valid skipass it is free of charge.


Ranking Adrenalin Cup

What is the Adrenalin Cup and how does it work?

First of all, you don't have to be an expert skier or snowboarder as the Adrenalin Cup is the place to be for fun in the snow and pulsating action. You can try all 9 disciplines as often as you like. In every competition only the best run counts and you can earn points.

The more disciplines are completed and the more points are collected, the better it is for your overall ranking. There is a final ranking every month and also at the end of the season, where participants in the Adrenalin Cup can win great prizes.

Adrenaline Cup Sölden

How to become part of the Adrenalin Cup Community

  • Register here with your skipass number
  • Try the 9 fun disciplines as often as you like, only the best results will count.
  • You don't have to master all 9 disciplines but you can put together your favourite challenge yourself.
  • At the end of the month or the winter season you can exchange your points collected for great prizes.


AC - ready, steady, off you go!

Look forward to a top-notch winter adventure. The thrilling Adrenalin Cup is a truly unique and holistic snow sports adventure including 9 different disciplines.

Terms & Conditions

Adrenalin Cup

Status Name  
Adrenalin cup
Adrenalin Cup Riesenslalom (BMW xDrive)
Adrenalin Cup Speed (BMW xDrive)
Adrenalin Cup Mix Race
Adrenalin Cup Freeride
Adrenalin Cup Carving
Adrenalin Cup Flug
Adrenalin Cup Slalom
Adrenalin Cup BIG3 Fotorallye
Adrenalin Cup Winterwandern

All 9 disciplines are measured electronically. Depending on the discipline, we will automatically film you on action videos or take cool fun photos of your performance. All scores, race times, videos and photos can be viewed, shared with friends or compared by entering your skipass number here.

Time scoring system
In the Giant Slalom | Slalom | Carving | Freeride | Mix Race disciplines points are scored through a certain time ranking system: the fastest (according to time keeping system) qualified run per day receives 1000 gross points, the slowest qualified run gets 100 gross points. The points of all other runs are scored in a linearly interpolated way.

Jump length scoring system

In the flight discipline points are scored through the ranking of jump lengths. There are 4 jump distance zones. For each zone reached you get the corresponding amount of gross points:

Adrenaline Cup Sölden Jump
Jump Length Gross Points
0 - 3 metres 250
3 - 6 metres 500
6 - 9 metres 750
9+ metres 1.000

Speed scoring system

In the speed discipline points are scored through a certain speed ranking system: the fastest (according to time keeping system) qualified run per day receives 1000 gross points, the slowest qualified run gets 100 gross points. The points of all other runs are scored in a linearly interpolated way.

BIG 3 Photo Rally scoring system

You can collect points depending on the number of photos and ski lifts you and all other participants have taken on one day. A tailor-made handicap (age, gender) is calculated for your personal score.

Winter Walking scoring system

In the winter walking discipline points are scored through 4 exactly defined time ranges and for each time zone you receive a certain amount of gross points:

Adrenaline Cup Sölden Winter Hiking


The calculated gross value is converted into a net value by using a certain handicap scoring system. The handicap of a person strongly depends on the age and gender by calculating bonus points for athletes. These bonus points depend on how high the handicap is and on the exact ranking position. The handicap influences on the last place at a maximum and decreases towards the first places until it no longer has an effect on the number 1. Thus, the advantage of athletes with a high handicap in the first places is less to no longer available compared to those in the last places.

Time Zone Gross Points
0 - 5 minutes 1.000
5 - 7 minutes 750
7 - 9 minutes 500
9+ minutes 250


A run is qualified for the point scoring system and the overall ranking if:

  • made in a technically correct way
  • the system doesn't produce any technical errors regarding the timekeeping and making of videos or photos
  • it is the participant's best run in this discipline for the respective ranking list period
  • the referees don't disqualify the run

At the end of the season there is a final ranking and a 2018/19 Season Winner.

You can win the following superb prizes:

SEASON RANKING 01.01. - 31.03.

  1. 2.
Season 2018/19 2 day-skipass 1 day-skipass

* Skipasses valid in the Sölden ski area, redeemable in the 2019/20 winter season. Information subject to change!

Prices cannot be redeemed or exchanged in cash. Prizes and winnings are not transferable to other persons. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded (AGBs).

Prize awarding procedure

At the end of each ranking period, the team of Adrenalin Cup Referees holds a meeting in order to nominate the winners and to decide about final disqualifications. Decisions made by the referees are irrevocable. The winners are notified by e-mail and invited to send a copy of their ID card (passport or driving license) by mail. In case the age, the gender, the name and the look of the person correspond to the Adrenalin Cup profile incl. photos/videos, the prize voucher will be sent directly by e-mail. If the data don't match with the profile, the user will be blocked and disqualified for the rest of the season, and another winner is nominated according to the official procedure and ranking list.

Additionally, we would like to ask (by e-mail) all Adrenalin Ranking winners to make a personal statement, which will be used for tourism press purposes on our website. It is an optional request and refusing it doesn't influence the rankings.

Sölden Adrenalin Cup APP

The app for all Sölden fans who want to follow their traces in the ski area. Simply download it, become part of the Adrenalin Cup Community and enjoy superb action on and off the ski slopes!


App Download

Further details on the Adrenalin Cup Sölden App can be found in the respective app stores.


Your personal Sölden Photo Book

Remember that: all those who participate in the Adrenalin Cup also receive their most beautiful experiences in the ski area in printed form, a high-quality personal photo book is available. It is created automatically and randomly from your pictures, videos and activities. View it here and order now!


SLDN Adrenaline Cup Sölden


Adrenaline Cup Sölden Giant Slalom


Technique and speed are required to conquer the race course successfully and to reach the top of the leaderboard. The Adrenalin Cup Giant Slalom is held on the BMWxDrive track at  Giggijoch.



Very short distances between the single gates require quick changes of direction and small radii. Although the Adrenalin Cup Slalom race track is shorter than a World Cup course it's as steep as those for top athletes.


Adrenaline Cup Sölden Slalom
Adrenaline Cup Sölden Carving


In addition to unlimited riding fun you should also focus on the best skiing technique and the race time. Gates and flags posted on the course must be passed correctly while speed, excellent ski control and a bit of skill promise a clear race.




Different Alpine disciplines and obstacles on a single race track: you can look forward to slalom poles, steep turns and a ski jump in the finish area. Are you fast, do you have the right technique and are you brave enough to conquer the course?


Adrenaline Cup Sölden Mixed Race
Adrenaline Cup Sölden Speed Finish


In squatting position - now only speed counts. Neither slalom poles nor gates but the highest possible speed. This competition is held on the BMWxDrive Speed track. Your speed is measured by a sensor and your performance immortalized by an action-filled  speed photo.



With enough courage and willpower you can jump over the horizontal hill. The landing area is divided into four zones in terms of distance. The main aim is to jump as far as possible. Tip: At the end of the jumping platform you should push yourself away with your feet and thus maximize the jump distance - just like the pros.


Adrenaline Cup Sölden Flight


Off the groomed slopes you will soon find out if you have your skis or board under control. Choose your favorite route between the panels positioned on the track and let them guide you to the finish line. Your time counts!


Adrenaline Cup Sölden Freeride
Adrenaline Cup Sölden Winter Hiking


Enjoy the winter landscape and collect points at the same time. With a final short-distance sprint you have an excellent chance of advancing to the top of the leaderboard. The start of the route is marked by a photo point, your pass is scanned at a checkpoint at the very end.



During the safari that takes you across the entire ski area (based on the famous BIG 3 Rally), automatic pictures are taken in the most beautiful vantage points. Reach all 4 photo points with 11 mountain lift rides in one day (order of your choice) and collect points.


Photo Points

  • Restaurant Schwarzkogl
  • Top station 8UB Schwarze Schneid II   
  • Top station 8UB Tiefebachferner
  • Gaislachkogl Restaurant Powder Q
Adrenaline Cup Photopoint Sölden BIG3

Mountain Lifts

C30  10EUB Giggijoch
C35  4SK Silberbrünnl
D51  4SK Einzeiger
D53  8EUB Gletscherexpress
E61  8EUB Schwarze Schneid I
E62  8EUB Schwarze Schneid II   
E66  8EUB Tiefenbachferner
E65  6SK Seiterkar
A10  8EUB Gaislachkogl I
A11  3S Gaislachkogl II
A14  6SK Wasserkar


  • 10.0°C

  • 0–53 cm

  • 7/31

  • Live

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