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Ötztal Inside Card

Your holiday plus within the valley

With the free Ötztal Inside Card, available all year round, you are right in the middle of action when it comes to planning your individual holiday. During the booked travel period you will have it at hand in digital form on your smartphone around the clock, integrated in the digital travel companion of your accommodation provider. It gives access to exclusive Ötztal Inside Card experiences free of charge, grants a 10% discount in the adventure shop, offers an unbeatable low-cost Alpine security upgrade and a lot more. The unrivaled motto is: you come as a friend and leave as a profound Ötztal expert!

All advantages of the Ötztal Inside Card

Included Ötztal Inside Specials

With the Inside Card you can enjoy exclusive Ötztal experiences and immerse yourself deeply in the world of the locals, for example ...


✓ Participation in regional tastings
✓ Getting to know traditional crafts
✓ Meet people from Ötztal and their cultural history
✓ The importance and harmony of man and nature

Free participation in events

Take the chance to try something new and feel well informed and entertained when it comes to seasonal events, for example ...


✓ Equipment & material testivals and taster courses
Exhibitions, lectures, shows etc.

Discount on adventure offer

With the Inside Card you receive a 10% discount on all bookable activities in Ötztal. The tickets are deposited in the Inside Guide, for example


✓ Activities such as bike tours, river rafting, etc.
✓ Tickets for events
All courses for different skill levels

Special bargain offers

As an Inside Card holder you are ready for all adventures, and for little money. Discover the Ötztal in a worriless & comfortable way, for example thanks to ...


✓ Mountain rescue cost insurance for the entire stay & all sports (only € 2.99 per person)
✓ Ötztal Inside rucksack, for a surcharge filled with regional provisions (from June 2021)
✓ Always new special offers in the adventure shop

Public transport & parking

No matter if by private car or public transport, the Ötztal Inside Card promises free transport or at a reduced price. Enjoy for example …


✓ Free use on the Ötztaler buses in winter
✓ Around 40% discount on bus tickets in summer
✓ Free parking in the these 16 Ötztal parking areas

How to get your Ötztal Inside Card

Here you can find out step by step how your digital Guest Card is available on your smartphone and ready for use at any time.


1. Do the pre-check-in or check-in on site at your booked accommodation in Ötztal.

2. Your accommodation provider will send you an e-mail invitation including access link to your personal Ötztal Inside Guide no earlier than 14 days before arrival or at the latest on site. Click the link.

3. Register your name and choose password. Important: save the Inside Guide on the home screen of your smartphone! So that you will always have it at hand together with the included Ötztal Inside Card for the entire duration of your stay.

4. Take advantage of your Inside Card benefits conveniently via smartphone.


Please note that the Inside Card is only issued digitally in the Inside Guide and can only be used in conjunction with it.

Good to know: all fellow travelers have their own personal card, which is displayed to the main booker who can easily invite fellow travelers to the Inside Guide or send the card via e-mail or WhatsApp. For more information take a look at the Inside Guide and “Mobile Card”. Please also note that the Inside Card is personalized and non-transferable!

Use Inside Card advantages in the adventure shop

Do you fancy action, sport, culture or culinary delights? You can easily redeem your Ötztal Inside Card benefits in the adventure shop with all bookable activities in Ötztal. Get access to all services included, special offers and discounted activities with just a few clicks.


1. Call up the Ötztal Inside Guide or the destination website.

2. Select the adventure offer you prefer.

3. Enter your card number and date of birth.

4. Book the chosen activity for free or at a special price with the Ötztal Inside Card.


Please note: for the included activities you also have to register online in advance. Simply reserve your place in the adventure shop on our website or in the Inside Guide and take part for free.

Fancy a summer upgrade?

The mountain is calling you. And the swimming lake. And the museum ... there is an incredible number of highlights to experience in summery Ötztal and you shouldn't waste your time calculating. Therefore, the Ötztal Inside Summer Card is available as an inexpensive premium upgrade. So that you can follow all calls in a relaxed manner.

Explore Inside Summer Card