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Geocaching in Sölden

Let’s start the wild treasure hunt

Geocaching, a treasure hunt by using a GPS device, captivates young and old adventurers world-wide. Thanks to its varied landscape, Sölden and Ötztal are just perfect for such treasure hunting tours. And indeed - with or without digital help - those interested can give prove of their investigative skill. The respective treasure hunting map is available from the Ötztal Tourismus information offices. And in the end your personal little treasure is waiting for you!

Ready for treasure hunting ...

Ho to go on a Treasure Hunt?

Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Each cache contains a sheet with one out of six secret numbers and/or one out of two colors written on it.

Write these numbers and colors into the right box of your treasure hunting map. Those who have found all caches and thus know the secret numbers in the matching colors, can open the locks of the treasure chest at the Information Sölden.

The route is about 3.5 km long, walking time 2.5 hours.

Panoramarunde Route Sölden (GPS-Data):

  • Cache 1: N 46° 57.623‘ E 011° 00.352‘ GPS-Daten
    Secret tip: The signpost not only shows you the right way.
  • Cache 2: N 46° 57.521 E 11 ° 00.307‘ GPS-Daten
    Secret tip: The trees on the field show you the cache.
  • Cache 3: N 46° 57.603 E 11 ° 00.017‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: On the left there is a tree that loves the barbed wire to bits.
  • Cache 4: N46° 57.674‘ E10° 59.923‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Tree stump, stone, tree stump ... - where could the hiding place be?
  • Cache 5: N46° 57.855‘ E10° 59.882‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: A small mountain just looks like the original one behind it.
  • Cache 6: N46° 58.029‘ E10° 59.973‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Sit down on the colored bench - what‘s that in the bush on the right?
  • Cache 7: N46° 58.174 E11 ° 00 .087‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Look for the stones between the bench and the tree where the trail forks off.
  • Cache 8: N46° 57.986‘ E11° 00.310‘ GPS-Data
    Secret tip: An upside down traffic sign on a green fence - is there something in it?

Ho to go on a Treasure Hunt?

TARTING POINT (walking time: about 30 min to the start point):

1. Sölden Zentrum Shuttle/Philipp -> direction Innerwald, through the hamlet to the chapel, then take the hiking trail behind the chapel until you reach „Stiegele“ area (glacier road towards Infang/Gaislach crossroads)

2. Sölden Gaislachkogl mountain gondola -> trail from parking house towards Unterwald/Innerwald -> past Rauthalm hut -> to „Stiegele“ area

3. Sölden, by bus towards glacier/Hochsölden to the respective bus stop

„Stiegele“ start point: follow Infangstraße (direction Infang) for about 150 m – keep left before you reach the camp ground, head into the forest towards Infang.


Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Either one or more cache boxes contain a sheet with a riddle, a number or a letter written on it. Write them into the respective field of your treasure map. Everyone who has found all caches, knowing the right answer, can open the locks of our treasure chest waiting for you at the Information Sölden.

The route (from „Stiegele“) is about 3.5 km long, walking time 2.5 hours.

Infangrunde Route Sölden (GPS-Data):

  • Cache 1: N46 57.365 E011 00.359 GPS-Daten
    Secret Tip: Just a few meters after the junction on the left.
  • Cache 2: N46 57.257 E011 00.415 GPS-Daten
    Secret Tip: A spider is sitting on the stone and I was hiding under it. But be careful! You can‘t eat me.
  • Cache 3: N46 57.141 E011 00.455 GPS-Daten
    Secret Tip: An old bench.
  • Cache 4: N46 56.973 E011 00.465 GPS-Daten
    Secret Tip: Hidden under the path protected by a tree bark.
  • Cache 5: N46 57.035 E011 00.379 GPS-Daten
    Secret Tip: There used to be a tree here - now only the rest of it is still there. Which one will be the right one?

Geocaching in Ötztal

Those who can’t get enough of treasure hunting tours will find many more exciting geocaching adventures for all the family in the lower Ötztal.


9for5 & 5for1

Real treasure hunters are invited to search for the coveted "9for5 & 5for1" caches within the whole Ötztal Valley. Caches are hidden in the region’s most scenic spots, and provide you with more detailed information on how to gather the special "Ötz-Taler" geo-coin while giving an insight into the great variety of Alpine landscapes in the Ötztal.

How can you obtain the special Ötztal geo-coin?
Nine cache boxes are hidden within the entire Ötztal. If you find five out of nine caches you receive the ultimate and well-deserved Ötztal geo-coin.

Where do you find the single "9for5&5for1" cache boxes?
Detailed coordinates for all 9 cache boxes are available here or on the Geocache Community homepage www.geocaching.com – for downloading to your GPS unit. For a quick overview of all cache locations you can download a map.

Where do you get the highly coveted Ötztal geo-coin?
Every "9for5 & 5for1" cache box contains a different clipper with a special pattern.

If you have collected at least 5 different clippers from five cache boxes you can pick up your Ötz-Taler geo-coin at the Längenfeld Information Office where you also get the stamp card for the entire route.

Coordinates: N 46° 58.138 E 010° 59.037


  • Get to know more about Alpine plants and animals and how they can survive in Ötztal's high Alpine. The splendid trail travels mainly along the natural timberline located right between the subalpine forest and alpine shrub zone, the lower part of the varied high Alpine ecosystem.
  • The High Alpine Ecology Theme Trail, leading to Gampe Thaya, gives an insight into the local fauna and flora. Special information panels are spread along the route.
  • Trail details
    1. Drive along the glacier road until you reach the toll station. Follow the trail towards Hochsöldenstraße and the junction to Gampe. A leisurely trail takes you to Gampe Thaya.
  • Walking time: ½ hour
  • 2. By bus to Hochsölden: nice hiking tour to Gampe Thaya, via Sonnblick (5 min from the bus stop). After a leisurely 40-minute walk you reach a trail-fork where you keep to the left in the direction of Gampe Thaya.
  • Useful hint:
    Maybe there is something behind the big triangle of stones!
Gampe Thaya Sölden Geocaching Adventure

Coordinates: N 46° 55.136 E 011° 02.689


  • Starting point is the road between Zwieselstein and Untergurgl. Next to the signpost "Sahnestüberl" there is a parking area. 5 minutes from here you also find the typical wooden mountain huts – called "Tajen" in dialect – belonging to the Alpine pasturelands of the local farmers. The Gurgler Ache mountain brook and the mountain forest also make an ideal grazing area. A very atmospheric and romantic place for all those in search of peace and relaxation. The two mountain huts at 1640 meters above sea level are widely known as "Sahnestüberl", a truly authentic snack station.
  • Alternative trail:
    From Zwieselstein Bridge/Gurgler Ache a steeply ascending gravel trail is winding up the slope. Later the path flattens out and takes walkers through a wooded area and past a scenic waterfall  to the mountain hut.
  • Walking time: approx. 1 1/2 hours
  • By bus: from the bus stop Zwieselstein/Sahnestüberl in about 5 walking minutes to Sahnestüberl.
  • Please take care of nature on your walking and treasure hunting tour. Walk in single file on the edge of the meadow if the grass is high, and please don't leave the already existing/marked trails.
  • Useful hint:
    A quite big rock on your way to Zwieselstein.
Sahnestüberl Sölden Geocaching Adventure Zwieselstein

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