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Natural trails in Sölden

Narrow paths for studded tires

Sölden is brimming with sensationally beautiful natural trails. These routes have been shaped by our ancestors over generations. It was their path through the forest up to the high Alpine pastures and huts. Maybe we should all tap our helmet every now and again, and say thank you in a grateful way. And if we meet hikers from time to time, then we tap our helmet to greet them too.

Single Trail Code of Honor

  • Only ride on surfaced and signposted trails. Don’t bike through open meadows!
  • Assume that oncoming hikers don’t see you!
  • Trail forks and road junctions: watch out for oncoming traffic or people before andlet others go first.
  • Pay attention to wild animals and cattle, always close pasture gates.
  • Avoid blocking your back wheel in order to better maintain our well-groomed mountain bike trails.
  • Always control your speed.