Ötztal Glacier Road
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Glacier Road
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Straight to the eternal ice

The scenic mountain road winds its way up to Alpine heights. The air seems to be noticeably thinner - or do the fabulous views of countless 3000 m high peaks take away your breath? The road leads further up in to high Alpine terrain where normally only chamois and ibex or a few ambitious mountaineers can be found: straight up to the glacier at 2830 meters above sea level.

Road toll fees 2019/20

Validity Period: 30.05.19 - 03.05.20


  Price in €
Car: both ways
Cars up to 5 persons 19,50
Cars from 6 persons+ per person* 6,00
Coaches: both ways
per person 6,00
Motocycles: both ways
per motocycle 10,00
Combined ticket toll road + 1 uphill ride with 1 glacier gondola**
Adults 22,50
Children 12,50
Combined ticket** Groups 20+ persons
Adults 20,50
Children 11,50

* and all vehicles for commercial passenger transport such as bus, taxi, rental car, hotel bus etc.

** 8EUB Schwarze Schneide I + II OR 8EUB Tiefenbach


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