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Long-distance Hikes/Cross-border Hiking

Happiness in several stages

What could be more beautiful than a day in the mountains? That's clear, hiking through Ötztal for several days in a row - as far as your feet carry you. It's no coincidence that in such a fast-paced world the fascination for slowness has become a new trend, either on the valley floor or high up in the Alps. From Sölden you can easily access Ötztal's most scenic long-distance trails. For example, the easy to moderately difficult Ötztal Urweg or the high Alpine Ötztal Trek - its Route no. 2 in Sölden's Silent Part is a true classic for mountaineers. Long-distance aficionados take the E5 European long-distance hiking trail in Zwieselstein or Vent, heading cheerfully towards the Italian state border.