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BIG3 - Three Peaks higher than 3.000 metres

Great moments on three ski mountains, three platforms and a rally

Let's start with the obligatory superlative: Sölden is Austria's only ski resort which has opened up three mountains higher than three thousand meters with state-of-the-art mountain gondola lifts. Gaislachkogl (3058 m), Tiefenbachkogl (3250 m) and Schwarze Schneid (3340 m) symbolize the special "BIG3" experience on skis or on foot: a truly memorable adventure comprising eye-catching viewing platforms towering high above the sea of summits in the Ötztal Alps and endless ski runs with truly record-breaking altitude meters: the BIG3 captivate winter enthusiasts in every sense.

The BIG3 Platforms

The three vantage points above 3000 meters altitude literally broaden your horizon and fill the storage volume of smartphones & digital cams faster than you can say "awesome!" Although these are top-notch selfie spots you should definitely enjoy the moments at Sölden's BIG3 unfiltered and "live".

Sölden Gaislachkogel Ice Q BIG3

BIG3 Platform Gaislachkogl (3.048 m)

Next to the top station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola you'll find the light glass-steel construction of the panorama restaurant at Gaislachkogl. Take off your skis and walk across the suspension bridge from the top of Gaislachkogl to the panoramic roof terrace where breathtaking 360-degree views await you. Tip: This platform is the fastest to reach from the valley.

Footbridge Tiefenbach Sölden BIG3 Panorama

BIG3 Panorama Footbridge Tiefenbach (3.250 m):

A 15 m high pyramid at the top station of  Tiefenbach mountain gondola marks the adventure's core. The glass-covered footbridge, suspended by steel ropes, towers high above the valley, protruding some 20 meters above the glacier's abyss and ending in the airy nothingness. Only nearby Wildspitze, Tirol's highest peak, competes with the dizzying 60-meter deep view of rocks and ski slopes.

Sölden Rettenbachglacier Schwarze Schneid BIG3

BIG3 Natural Platform Schwarze Schneid (3340 m):

About 90 vertical meters (15 min. walking time) above the mountain station of Schwarze Schneid mountain gondola you'll find a pyramid and place of strength, perching at an altitude of 3340 m in the middle of a circular platform made of larch wood - framed by the sky and snow. Those who conquer the steep ascent will be rewarded with picturesque vistas of countless three thousand meter high peaks. The 360° view also comprises the Dolomites in the south and Zugspitze in the north - some 100 km away.

BIG3 Rally with the Sölden Ski Tracker

If you want to know exactly which distance your legs have covered  and how many hours you needed for the entire round, you should download the Sölden App and start the Sölden Ski Tracker. The BIG3 checkpoints are easy to collect and, on top of that, you can win cool prizes: 1 drink voucher per day for the first 3 who have conquered the BIG3 Rally and 3 monthly 1-day skipasses which will be raffled among all successful participants in the respective period (end of December, January, February and March). Only 1 prize per person possible.


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The BIG3 Rally

50 km round tour for daredevils

Up and down the three 3000 meter high mountains in a single day: the sports program is ambitious but doable. Moreover, it marks the baptism of fire and the absolute highlight for all true Sölden fans. Experienced skiers/snowboarders cope with the nearly 50 kilometer long ski trail across the entire ski area in about 4 hours.
In total, they master more than 5200 meters of difference in altitude a time (up and down). Highlights of this marathon sightseeing tour on skis include the wow views from the BIG3 Platforms and the seemingly endless ski runs that pay homage to the huge variety of the ski area.

The rally in brief

From the base station of Giggijoch mountain gondola you head towards Giggijoch and further on to Rettenbach Glacier and the first BIG3 experience on Schwarze Schneide (3340 m). Continue on the glacier route to adjacent Tiefenbach Glacier and the second BIG3 vista point, Tiefenbachkogl (3250 m). Don't forget to take a selfie with Wildspitze peak in the background! Now you ski down some 2000 altitude meters: from Rettenbach Glacier on the ski route through Rettenbachtal to the valley station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola. And uphill again to the third BIG3 vantage spot, Gaislachkogl (3058 m), before mobilizing the last reserves to return safely to the valley floor.

Here you will find a detailed route description of the BIG 3 Rally

Location Describtion Start End Difference Length in m.

Base Terminal GIGGIJOCH

Starting point is the base terminal of the Giggijoch gondola. Ascent with the Giggijoch gondola to the Giggijoch.

1.353 - - -

Giggijoch Gondola

Riding up to Giggijoch ski area you will enjoy the first views of Sölden's unique panorama. Past the hamlet of Hochsölden (2,090 m) you reach Giggijoch top terminal within a 10-minute gondola ride.

1.353 2.284 931 2.671
4SK Silberbrünnl

At Giggijoch you take Silberbrünnl quad chair lift which takes you effortlessly up to Rotkogljoch mountain hut (2,662 m).

2.284 2.668 384 1.731

Enjoy the stunning view from Rotkogljoch saddle and take a look at the day's route including Gaislachkogl peak and Rettenbach Glacier. Then you continue heading towards the glacier ski lifts.

2.268 - - -

Piste 23

The blue ski trail no. 23 leads down to the base terminal of Einzeiger quad chair lift, one of the connecting lifts on the way to the glacier.

2.668 2.504 -164 1.622
4SK Einzeiger

Right beside the Restaurant Schwarzkogl you head towards Gletscherexpress 8-person gondola.

2.504 2.766 262 1.121
Transfer to  Gletscherexpress Gondola

After a short downhill ride you reach Gletscherexpress gondola taking you up to the glacier ski area.

2.766 2.756 -10 100
Gletscherexpress Gondola

Indulge in scenic views of the surrounding peaks while riding to Rettenbach Glacier and to the first stopover at Schwarze Schneide vantage point.

2.756 2.672 -84 1.593
Transfer to Schwarze Schneid Gondola

A short walk awaits you across Rettenbach Glacier's car park to Schwarze Schneid base terminal.

2.672 2.675 3 100
Schwarze Schneid Gondola

Schwarze Schneid gondola takes you up to the middle station and further on to the top terminal at 3,250 m. Store your skis and walk on foot towards the BIG 3 nature platform of Schwarze Schneide peak.

2.675 3.250 575 1.932
Ascent to  BIG3 platform

The ascent to the BIG 3 Nature Platform along a broad path takes about 20 minutes and is worth the effort.

3.250 3.340 90 300
BIG3 - SCHWARZE SCHNEID A wooden platform with a giant obelisk in its center is the highlight of the 360-degree panorama. On clear days you can enjoy the view of mountain summits that are more than 100 kilometers away! 3.340 - - -


  3.340 3.250 -90 300
Piste 32

After returning to Schwarze Schneid top terminal you grab your skis and boards again and head for the outstanding ski tunnel via the blue ski trail no 32.

3.250 3.223 -27 500
Ski tunnel - Piste  38

Passing the ski tunnel and following the blue ski trail no 38 you reach Tiefenbach Glacier and the base terminal of Tiefenbach 8-person gondola.

3.223 2.795 -428 2.400
Tiefenbach Gondola

Here you take off your skis and ride uphill towards the top terminal of Tiefenbach 8-person gondola.

2.795 3.249 454 2.039
BIG3 - TIEFENBACH The top terminal features a 15 meter high pyramid coupled with a 20 meter long footbridge. The panoramic views are incomparable, especially the Wildspitze peak (3,776 m), Tirol's highest mountain. 3.249 - - -
Piste 38 + 36

Afterwards you ski down the slope until you get to the red ski trail no 36 leading to Seiterkar 6-person chair lift. Turn left and take the chair lift back to Rettenbach Glacier.

3.249 2.793 -456 3.000
6SK Seiterkar You reach Seiterjöchl saddle (3,051 m) within a 4-minute lift ride. Turn left and head towards Rettenbach Glacier. At this point a 12 km long downhill ski trails awaits you! Elevation change: about 1,650 meters. 2.793 3.060 267 900
Piste 34 + 33 Continue skiing down the blue red ski trail no 34, then follow the blue trail no 33 to Rettenbach Glacier. 3.060 2.674 -386 2.300
Piste 30 - Rettenbach valley

Before you reach the Glacier Stadium you turn right into piste no. 30 through Rettenbach valley - the trail starts steeply and continues with almost no change in altitude - and down to Stabele chair lift.

2.674 1.975 -699 5.900
Piste 6 Crossing the blue ski trail no 6 you follow the route in direction Gaislachkogl base terminal. After about 500 meters you turn left into the black ski trail no. 7. 1.975 1.923 -52 500
Piste 7

Ski trail no. 7 is quite steep until you reach Innerwald beginner's ski area located right above Sölden. There you take the red ski trail no. 10 leading down to Gaislachkogl gondola.

1.923 1.370 -553 3.300
Gaislachkogl Gondola I + II

Again you take off the skis and boards, and you cross the main road through a pedestrian's tunnel. In 2 sections you take an uphill ride to the top of Gaislachkogl peak.

1.370 3.048 1.678 4.029

On Gaislachkogl we climb on foot the third and last BIG 3 viewing platform. A marvelous suspension bridge connects the vantage point with the rooftop terrace of the new gourmet restaurant.

3.048 - - -
Piste 1 + 4 + 3a

A truly unforgettable downhill awaits you on the ski trails no. 1 to no. 4 and no. 3a, leading directly down to Wasserkar triple chair lift.

3.048 1.854 -1.194 5.500
6SK Wasserkar

After leaving the lift you take the red ski trail no. 2.

1.854 2.430 576 1.472
Piste 2

Follow ski trail no. 2 down to Heidebahn quad chair lift and continue in direction Gaislachkogl base terminal on the blue ski trail no. 8.

2.430 1.950 -480 2.800
Piste 8 Follow ski trail no. 8 and 9 until you reach the last track of the BIG 3 Rally at Gaislachkogl base terminal. . 1.950 1.370 -580 4.700

You did it! 50 kilometers of trails create memories that will stay with you forever.

1.950 - - -