Today 01.10.2016

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 3200 m

Sunday 02.10.2016

Temp max. 15°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 1 h
0° Level 3100 m

Monday 03.10.2016

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 0°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 2500 m

Tuesday 04.10.2016

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 1°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 2400 m

Wednesday 05.10.2016

Temp max. 15°C
Temp min. -2°C
Sunshine max. 8 h
0° Level 2900 m

Lifts in Operation

Winter Ski Area 2 of/ 23
Glacier Ski Area 3 of/ 10
Total 5 of/ 33

4-day Forecast

A cold front will reach us on Sunday and put an end to the period of significantly too warm weather. Thick clouds will determine the skies on Sunday; rain and rain showers are expected time and time again. The temperatures will distinctly decrease and the snow line will sink nearly to a level of 2000 meters in the mountains. A northerly wind will determine the weather starting next week. It will send rather cool air masses to our regions, whereby the air pressure will begin to rise again. The clouds will increasingly disperse and the sunny spells will become longer. However, some compact cloud fields will still interfere with the weather.