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Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

Mon, 23.09.2019

Morning Afternoon
8°C 13°C
100%Precipitation risk 90%Precipitation risk

A cold front will bring major clouds and rain

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

Tue, 24.09.2019

Morning Afternoon
4°C 16°C
30%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Temporary high-pressure influence with sunshine

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

Wed, 25.09.2019

Morning Afternoon
7°C 11°C
70%Precipitation risk 60%Precipitation risk

Further rain showers will reach us

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

Thu, 26.09.2019

Morning Afternoon
5°C 15°C
50%Precipitation risk 30%Precipitation risk

The weather will improve Only moderately warm

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

Fri, 27.09.2019

Morning Afternoon
7°C 19°C
0%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Probably a lot more sunshine

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Day Outlook

Rain and decreasing temperatures! At the beginning of next week, a cold front will bring major clouds, rain respectively rain showers, which may be abundant. The temperatures will decrease noticeably at all altitudes. Plan a day for wellness or sauna! This is just the right thing for rainy days. Also, party games are good fun.


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m 1°C -2°C
Mountain2.000 m 7°C 3°C
Valley1.377 m 8°C 13°C


Morning: Weak

Afternoon: Brisk

Hours of Sun

max. 0 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 100%

Afternoon: 90%

Zero Degree Limit

2700 m

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