• 10.0°C

  • 0–29 cm

  • 8/31

  • Live

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Tue, 22.09.2020


8/31 open
Tue, 22.09.2020


0/143.4 km open
Tue, 22.09.2020


13/34 open
Tue, 22.09.2020

Ski Area Highlights & Attractions

0/11 open
Tue, 22.09.2020

Cross Country

0/10.9 km open

Cross Country

Status Name Place  

Hofer Boeden-Windau (leicht/Easy)

Easy 1.9 km

Untersölden (Mittel/Intermediate)

Intermediate 3.5 km

Zwieselstein (Mittel/Intermediate)

Intermediate 5.5 km

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