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Sölden Challenge

collect badgets and win

The Sölden Challenge confronts you with the task of successfully mastering up to 16 competitions in the ski area. To do so, you have to prove your skiing skills, how to strike a pose, and show your spirit of discovery. Depending on the number of badges you collect, you will earn rewards!

  1. The participation requires initial REGISTRATION with skiline or REGISTRATION for the Sölden Challenge.
    It is important that the ski pass number(s) of the ski ticket(s) used are correctly deposited.
  2. Both steps are mandatory in order to participate. The ski pass used for the competitions must be stored in the system by entering the ski pass number, otherwise no allocation to the person can take place. By the way: Existing skiline users only have to enter the ski pass used and register for the "Sölden Challenge" competition. The ski pass of each participant must be scanned separately.
  3. Go to the starting point of the individual challenges and follow the information boards that explain the procedure. Then successfully master the challenge.
    The individual challenges are also described in detail at the bottom of the page..

  4. After you have collected 6 badges, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code and can use it to redeem the instant win right away. If you collect more than 9 badges, you will automatically be entered into the prize draw.
    Detailed information on the instant prizes and the prize draw at the end of the season can be found below.

These competitions await you


Show us your biggest grin: There are 5 photo points all over the ski area where you have to take a snapshot.

Badge Photopoint Gaislachkogl Badge Photopoint GoldenGate Badge Photopoint Schwarze Schneid Badge Photopoint Tiefenbach Badge Photopoint Rodelbahn

Here's how it works:

  1. Stand in front of the camera and hold your ski pass up to the sensor.
  2. Pose and say: Cheeeeeeese!
  3. You can view, download and share your snapshot with friends for free at soelden.com/winterchallenge.

Photopoints in the ski area:

  1. Photopoint Gaislachkogl (3,058 m)
  2. Photopoint Golden Gate (2,595 m)
  3. Photopoint Schwarze Schneide (3,250 m)
  4. Photopoint Tiefenbach (3,250 m)
  5. Photopoint Toboggan Run (2,170 m)

Sölden Challenge Photopoints



Burning thighs guaranteed: The 6 "Explore" competitions demand a lot of stamina from you, because in addition to brilliant impressions, you will also collect a lot of altitude metres. On the way to the individual badges you will explore the entire ski area.

Badge Big3 RallyeBadge Longest Run GletscherBadge Longest Run GaislachkoglBadge Höhenmeter 15000 Badge Höhenmeter 10000 Badge Höhenmeter 7000

50 kilometres across the ski area

Ski up and down the three three-thousand-metre ski mountains in a single day: The programme is ambitious, but doable. Even more, it marks the baptism of fire and the absolute highlight for you as a true Sölden fan.

This is how it works:

Start at the valley station of the Giggijochbahn, via the Giggijoch to the Rettenbach glacier and the first BIG3 experience on the Schwarzer Schneide (3,340 m), continue to the Tiefenbach glacier and the second BIG3 highlight the Tiefenbachkogl (3,250 m). From Tiefenbach you return via the Rettenbach Glacier to the valley station of the Gaislachkoglbahn. Up to the third BIG3, the Gaislachkogl (3,048 m).


Use the following lifts within one day, ideally in this order:

  • C30 Giggijochbahn
  • C35 Silberbrünnl
  • D51 Einzeiger
  • D53 Gletscherexpress
  • E61 + 62 Schwarze Schneidbahn I + II
  • E66 Tiefenbachbahn
  • E65 Seiterkar
  • A10 + 11 Gaislachkoglbahn
  • A14 Wasserkar

By registering for the Sölden Challenge and entering your ski pass number, your rally through the ski area will be tracked automatically.


Sölden Challenge BIG3 Rally



Do you have enough power in your calves? With a difference in altitude of 1,890 m and a total length of around 15 km, the LONGEST RUN is the ultimate downhill challenge and the longest run in the Sölden ski area. The start is at 3,250 m and leads over a challenging course to the finish at the valley station of the Gaislachkoglbahn at 1,360 m.


This is how it works:

The start is registered by scanning your ski pass at the Schwarze Schneid Photopoint. At the finish of the downhill run (end of piste 9), scan the QR code on the information board to successfully complete the competition.


Longest Run Glacier


This is where it really gets going! With an altitude difference of 1,688 m and a total distance of approx. 10 km, the LONGEST RUN GAISLACHKOGL demands everything from you. The start of the ski downhill is at 3,058 m and ends directly at the valley station of the Gaislachkoglbahn at 1,360 m.


This is how it works:

The start is registered by scanning your ski pass at the Schwarze Schneid Photopoint. At the finish of the downhill run (end of piste 9), scan the QR code on the information board to successfully complete the competition.


Longest Run Gaislachkogl


Nomen est omen: climb 7,000, 10,000 or even 15,000 metres of altitude in the Sölden ski area in one day.


This is how it works:

When you register or sign up for the Sölden Challenge and enter your ski pass number, the metres of altitude covered are automatically tracked.


Do you consider yourself a complete skier? Show it by mastering the 3 race courses: the "mixed race", the "speed course" and between the giant slalom gates.

Badge Mixed RaceBadge Speed RunBadge Riesenslalom


This is how it works:

As soon as your ski pass has been scanned and the start gate opens, the camera and timing are activated. You can watch your race afterwards for free at soelden.com/winterchallenge, download it and share it with friends.



MIXED RACE combines all the fun on an action-packed course. Here, several alpine disciplines and obstacles are shaken together (not stirred!) and served ice-cold. Slalom poles, steep turns and a cinematic jump await you. So put your back into it! Because your ride will be filmed and your running time will be recorded.



Can you blow everyone away with your squat? Then show us! In the SPEED competition only one thing counts: speed. So make sure you have the perfect racing squat. A sensor will measure your speed exactly and a speed photo will record your speedy ride.



Do you ride like you're on rails? Then show us! The RIESENSLALOM is great fun for alpine fans. Set up as a parallel competition, you can also prove your skills individually. Either way, each run is filmed individually and all run times are measured separately.


Racing competitions

Open Facilities

Status Name  
Soelden Challenge Race courses
Sölden Challenge - Riesenslalom
Sölden Challenge - Speed
Sölden Challenge - Mixed Race


Night owls and all those who just can't get enough of Sölden might be interested in the following competitions.

Badge Mixed RaceBadge Speed Run

Every Wednesday evening from 5:30 pm onwards, the Sölden ski area is abuzz. On the toboggan run, in the 007 ELEMENTS or in the gourmet restaurants FALCON and ice Q you can turn night into day.


This is how it works:

Easy! Simply take part in the evening programme (admission after 5:30 pm) and you will receive the corresponding badge. Period: 28.12.2022 until 22.03.2023


Loyalty pays off: If you spend 15 or more ski days (first entries) in the Sölden ski area, you will receive the corresponding badge.

You can look forward to these (instant) prizes

You will receive a badge for each successfully completed competition of the Sölden Challenge. As soon as you have collected 6 of these badges, you can look forward to an instant win. If you collect more than 9 badges, you will automatically take part in the prize draw at the end of the season.


6 badges collected

Instant prize in the form of a Sölden Buff at the cable car ticket office. 


From 9 collected badges

Participation in the raffle of great prizes at the end of the season.

Sölden Challenge

Sölden Challenge