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Slope tip: World Cup slope

In the footsteps of the ski professionals

Are you looking for a real ski challenge? Then we can provide a remedy. May we introduce: piste No. 31, better known as the Ski World Cup slope.

A must-do for every skilled skier

Steep, steeper, piste No. 31: with a maximum gradient of 65 percent, the Ski World Cup slope at Rettenbach Glacier is the steepest downhill stretch in the entire Sölden ski area. For comparison: the downhill section at the start of the legendary Hahnenkamm race has “only” a gradient of 50 percent.


Do it like the pros

The very long and steep flank is the key point of the black slope ("difficult"). The athletes of the Alpine Ski World Cup, who even have to master a giant slalom on this slope, summarize the prerequisites for a perfect ride as follows: in the upper and flatter part you get into the right rhythm before you have to keep the line on the steep slope by skiing as actively as possible in order to take the speed with you into the flat section and the finish area.

As a sporty skier, you simply have to try the Ski World Cup slope yourself – just to feel the steepness and exertion yourself, just like the world's best athletes do in the ski Alpine races.

HERE you find the interactive ski area map of Sölden, optionally in 2-D or 3-D.

Skiworldcup Slope
Isidor Grüner

Tips from a Sölden local:

This tip comes from Isidor Grüner from Sölden. The former ski-cross professional knows the Sölden ski area like the back of his hand and has been the slope manager responsible for the difficult preparation of the World Cup slope already for years.