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Learn to ski

The slope is your classroom

We'd like to clear up one cliché right away: No, here in Sölden nobody is born already with skis on and can carve down the World Cup slope of Rettenbach glacier at the age of 3. We Ötztal locals also must learn to ski first! Thanks to perfect mountain lift infrastructures, many beginner-friendly slopes and - of course – the professional local ski schools, starting or even returning is fairly easy. Here you will find out everything you need to know if you want to learn how to ski in Sölden.

Who can learn to ski?

A short answer: Almost everyone! And almost at any age. Well, you should be in a certain physical condition in order to get on skis for the first time in older age. But don't worry, Sölden’s certified ski schools and professional ski guides have the right offer for all age groups and skill levels.

Which type of ski courses are there?

Kid's ski courses

learn to ski

From the age of 3, kids can take part in children's ski courses at the local ski schools in Sölden. In the practicing area or on the practice course, the youngest skiers get in touch with snow in a playful way and thanks to fun-filled exercises they learn the first plow turns before they continue on the easy and child-friendly slopes. A children's ski course usually lasts 6 days and includes a morning and/or afternoon unit. Many ski schools also offer lunchtime supervision including a kids’ lunch menu. The very young children (from 10 months) are in good hands at the ski school kindergartens, while the parents can enjoy a few downhill runs on their own.

Adult beginners

learn to ski
It's never too late to start skiing! That is why Sölden’s ski schools offer special beginner courses for adults. Whether in a private course or in small groups, the first feeling of success will appear after just a few hours. Continuing for a couple of days, you can tackle the first blue (easy) slopes in the ski area without any problem. Participants benefit from the high level of competence and know-how of the Tirolean ski instructors. It’s not without reason that the local ski instructor training is considered to be the most profound and professional in the world.


learn to ski
Back on snow again! This is the motto for those returning to skiing. Because what you've learned once you don't forget, right? Well, a bit of refresher is necessary to master the modern carving ski technique. That‘s why the local ski schools and ski guides offer special courses that promise those returning safety on skis and new teaching methods.


learn to ski
Would you like to work on your technique? Improve your carving turns? Or take your first turns in deep powder snow? Even very good skiers can still learn something new! Certain ski schools in Sölden offer perfection ski courses on a daily basis: Your skiing technique is analyzed and optimized down to the last detail. With freeride guides you will discover the untouched deep snow slopes in the ski area and learn how to master them skillfully.

Types of ski schools in Sölden

In Sölden we differentiate between three types of ski schools:

Full ski schools

learn to ski

These ski schools are full-service providers and offer lessons for all types of snow sports. In addition to Alpine skiing, you can learn snowboarding, freeriding and cross-country skiing - to name just a few. In general, these ski schools also have their own child facilities.

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Specialized ski schools

learn to ski

These ski schools only offer lessons in certain snow sports, depending on the respective scope of authorization.

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One-man ski schools

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So-called “one-man ski schools” are only allowed to give ski lessons to the extent of the license granted by the holder of the ski school license, without exception.

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Your playground: Sölden ski area

learn to ski

The 144 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes offer varied difficulty levels for beginners, advanced and long-time skiers or snowboarders. If classic slopes seem too boring to you (which we do not assume in Sölden), there are many exciting ski challenges for young and old spread across the ski area. Suitable lodging is also provided during your ski vacation as there are almost 600 accommodation providers in and around Sölden. Thanks to intelligent filter options, our online booking center makes it easy for you to find the right accommodation matching your personal needs and requirements.

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