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Winter time on the glacier

High up and deep down

Those who climb high can ski deep down. This could be a modified proverb that describes the winter time on Sölden’s glacier. Austria's longest ski run starts at the highest point of the entire ski area, “Schwarze Schneide” at 3340 meters. Two further magnificent viewing platforms beyond the 3000 meter mark provide uninterrupted views of the Ötztal Alps. On the Glacier Express mountain gondola you can easily ski between the winter and glacier ski areas.

Skiing Glacier

Winter skiing on the glacier

In the cold season, the ski slopes spread out gently over the glacier ice like gigantic white carpets. And thus offer plenty of space to make your own tracks in large radii or to work on your carving turn technique. Ambitious skiers will find challenging runs at Rettenbach Glacier, including the steep World Cup slope - a ski challenge that has it all. Beginners and leisurely skiers alike get their money's worth at Tiefenbach Glacier on much flatter terrain. Thanks to a connecting ski tunnel and the connecting mountain lifts, you can easily ski from side to the other in both directions.


Big, bigger, BIG3

Schwarze Schneid, Viewpoint

That really is the limit! Sölden is Austria’s only ski area to have three 3000 meter high peaks accessible by mountain lift, the so-called "BIG3". The viewing platforms of the same name present Ötztal’s mountains in all their splendor. On the other hand, the unrivaled BIG3 Rally makes it your task to ski up and down all three ski mountains in only one day.


Gletscher Express gondola

Gletscherexpress, Gondola

The very best of two ski worlds: the top modern Gletscher-Express gondola lift connects Sölden’s winter ski area with the glacier ski mountains. Therefore, you can quickly and easily change from one ski mountain to the next and back again.


Fact box glacier ski area

  • Rettenbach Glacier (2675 – 3250 m)
  • Tiefenbach Glacier (2795 – 3249 m)
  • 8 mountain lifts: 3 gondolas, 1 chairlift, 4 T-bar lifts
  • 34.3 slope kilometers: 25.0 km blue, 5.4 km red, 3.9 km black
  • Restaurant Rettenbach Glacier (400 seats)
  • Restaurant Tiefenbach Glacier (600 seats)
  • Ski schools
  • Sport shops
  • Ample parking for private cars and coaches
  • Skibus shuttle service

Slope tip: Austria's longest ski run

If you want to feel what an endless top-to-bottom ski run feels like, the Sölden ski area is the right place for you. Unrivaled "Schwarze Schneid" is not only the longest slope in Sölden, but also in all of Austria! Are you ready for the ultimate endurance challenge?


Skiing, Slope

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