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Mountain rescue & first aid

Ready for any eventuality

Sudden thunderstorms, climbing in rough and almost impassable terrain, a slip and fall or a sudden feeling of faintness: Suddenly it can become dangerous in the mountains around Sölden. It's important to organize help quickly in order to help others or oneself. You are always perfectly prepared with the Emergency App of the local mountain rescue service on your mobile phone plus a good outdoor first aid kit in your backpack.

First aid and emergency call

When an accident has happened, the first thing to do is activate the cell phone and start the rescue chain. Therefore a mobile phone with a full battery and a charger are an essential part of your equipment.


Did you know? The Tirol Mountain Rescue ...

  • helps where other rescue organizations are already stuck.
  • provides professional help in high Alpine terrain.
  • can rely on a professionally trained team of volunteers.
  • is on standby around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • consists of 92 local service points to be at the place of accident as quickly as possible


Emergency App of Leitstelle Tirol

Smartphone users can install the Emergency App of Leitstelle Tirol. It helps to place an emergency call and transmits your own location data at the same time in order to guide the mountain rescue team to the place of accident in a time-saving and effective manner.


App Download

Emergency numbers

140: Mountain Rescue - Alpine Emergency Call

112: European Emergency Call (works with any mobile phone & in any available network)


Accident report

  • Who reports/callback number?
  • Where exactly is the accident site?
  • What happened?
  • How many injured persons?


Poor or no signal?

With poor or no signal or in a dead spot no emergency call is possible. Change to a better location and dial 112 regularly.

European Emergency Call: Access to any network available if you switch on your mobile phone and dial 112 instead of the PIN code or if you use the SOS Emergency Call feature.