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Trail markers in Sölden

Easy orientation

Thanks to a standardized signposting system for trail markers, hikers will easily find the right way in and around the mountains of Sölden. Furthermore, the classification of trails in different levels of difficulty helps to choose the suitable hiking route. Walking trails (easy), mountain trails (moderately difficult to difficult) and Alpine routes (very difficult) with certain characteristics take you straight up to various altitudes in the surroundings of Sölden.

Difficulty levels & trail markers

Walking trails

Broad and almost level walking trails on the valley floor, close to settlements, leading through wooded areas. No prior mountain experience is required. Hiking equipment is not necessary.

Suitable for: beginners, leisurely walkers

Hiking Hiking Trail Sölden

Red mountain trails

Mountain trails of intermediate difficulty, located above the timberline in most cases. They are mostly narrow, often steep, sometimes exposed and require basic Alpine experience and knowledge. Some trails feature short, secured climbing passages.

Suitable for: surefooted and experienced mountain hikers

Black mountain trails

Black hiking trails are difficult routes, they are narrow, steep or very steep, often exposed and can be dangerous especially in bad weather. These trails may feature longer, secured climbing passages. Also via ferrata routes are black mountain trails.

Suitable for: absolutely sure-footed mountaineers with Alpine experience and a good head for heights, Alpine hiking equipment is a must

Hiking Trail Hiking Sölden Alpine

Alpine route

These extremely difficult routes can be found in high Alpine terrain on partially unmarked routes, very exposed footpaths featuring unsecured hiking and climbing passages. There is a high risk of slipping and falling on Alpine routes.

Suitable for: absolutely sure-footed mountaineers with enough high Alpine experience, excellent stamina and a good head for heights, Alpine hiking equipment is a must